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League Streamers Unhappy With Co-Streaming Guests for Worlds 2022

News 02-11-2022 13:30
Caedrel worlds
Caedrel is unpleased with the Worlds Co-Streamers | © Riot Games

LoL Esports just announced the co-streamers for the Worlds 2022 Finals, and many fans and streamers were unhappy. Now, Sykkuno, one of the co-streamers, has defended himself after the backlash. 

On November 1, Riot Games was excited to announce Co-Streaming for the Worlds 2022 Finals on November 5. For the first time ever, Riot Games chose five people to co-stream the event:  Sykkuno,  Sangho, MinGyo, Ibai, and Rita.

Several League Streamers Are Unhappy 

After the announcement, several people in the League community have come out to share their unhappiness. 

SK support and LEC guest caster, Treatz, felt like people who had been streaming almost every game the whole year, like LS, should have the privilege to co-stream the Worlds finals before some chosen people. 

Also, Macaiyla uttered her opinion on the situation. Macaiyla felt that tough she understands this as a technique to get the viewership up; it would be "super disappointing and disrespectful" to hire Sykkuno instead of someone who streams League every day. 

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Caedrel Calls the News "A Huge F*cking Slap in the Face"

Streamer and LEC caster, Caedrel was far from happy with the news. On Twitter, Caedrel stated he feels like Riot Games is ignoring the League of Legends content creators, who are genuinely passionate about LoL Esports and have been co-streaming the whole year

as much as its awesome they're giving it to big personalities this is a huge fucking slap in the face to league content creators who have been grinding co streaming all year long and are really really passionate about the league esports scene

Despite being unpleased about Riot's selection of streamers for the finals, Caedrel wanted to point out that he is not trying to discredit Spanish content creator, Ibai. According to Caedrel, Ibai "has done insane amounts of work for the league scene," however, he is still sad they are not supporting "hardcore" lol creators.

Sykkuno Responds to Criticism

After several streamers shared their unhappiness with Riot Games' decision and even targeted some of the streamers, Sykkuno wanted to defend himself on his stream. 

Sykkuno told his fans that he got the request from Riot Games and accepted it because he has always been a huge fan of watching League. "I am just going to watch some games with my friends and stream it, and that's it", he explained. 

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Sykkuno also said he does not understand why people need to drag him into this when they actually want to stream the finals themselves and don't have anything against Sykkuno personally.

Being mean is not going to help anybody.

To close his argument, Sykunno expressed his hopes for the people who really want to  stream the finals and that he is happy for the opportunity as he is "just a fan of watching League of Legends and has been for a long while."

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