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LoL Worlds 2022: Only LCK and LPL Teams Left, But No Casters

Esports 26-10-2022 14:20
LCK Casters at Worlds 2022
The LCK has dominated the World Championship thus far, but who will cast the upcoming games? | © Riot Games

The League of Legends World Championship 2022 has turned into a battle of LPL versus LCK with a special appearance by the LEC's first seed Rogue. Now, heading into the semi-finals we've got four teams left, three from the LCK and one from the LPL. 

This whole tournament has been a showing of class and dominance by the eastern representatives. Hell, even TES who bombed out of groups put on a clinic on their final day at the tournament. So, with only eastern teams left, some fans are disappointed to find out that no eastern casters will be on the English broadcast going forward. 


LoL Worlds 2022: Casters For Semi-Finals Announced – None from LCK and LPL

After the final day of the quarter-final, the three LPL and LCK casters, Chronicler, Dagda and Atlus all went to Twitter to thank fans for their support and that their time at the biggest international League of Legends esports event had come to an end. 

This means that going forward no caster from the LPL or LCK will be a part of the rest of the english broadcast. This has disappointed fans on Reddit who believe that having insights from experts of the respective leagues could have been quite valuable going forward, especially since the only remaining teams come from those regions. 

Check out this little guide on Heimerdinger Support, the newest fad at the 2022 LoL Worlds: 

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Even if they hadn't made it to the casting desk, Chronicler and Dagda have both shown their knowledge on the analysis desk before and between matches. So, even if Riot had decided that casters like CaptainFlowers and Caedrel were better suited for the casting desk of the semi-finals, we could have still gotten more insights into the respective regions through the official LCK and LPL casters. 

The criticism isn't geared towards any of the remaining on-air talent though either, since everyone has been working hard and doing an incredible job at making the World Championship one of the best viewing experiences possible. Honestly, the fun and new ways to bring about League of Legends analysis. 

So, while the LPL and LCK trio won't be on the broadcast going forward we can continue to expect a high quality broadcast with everyone bringing their own flavour to the screen. Do you think that having casters fromt he regions in the semi-finals would benefit the broadcast? 

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