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What will happen to Danny?

Evil Geniuses Looking for New ADC | Danny Expected to Continue his Break

EG Danny
Who will be Danny's replacement? | © Riot Games

Evil Geniuses are looking for options to replace Danny in 2023, and it looks like we will go into the next year without star player in the LCS. Who will take his spot? 

After Danny's long break, Evil Geniuses will go into next year without their main ADC. According to sources from The Game Haus, Evil Geniuses are looking for someone to replace the bot laner for 2023.

Danny Takes Break to Focus on His Mental Health in 2022

Danny began his journey with Evil Geniuses at the beginning of 2022. Even though the ADC had shown promising results throughout the year, the player decided it was too much and needed a break from the professional League of Legends scene

The bot laner's last match was against Team Liquid in the LCS Playoffs, where they ended up taking the win after a close 3-2 series. After his decision, Evil Geniuses had a challenging task in front of them, to quickly find a replacement for Danny. They eventually decided on their Academy player, Kaori, to fill his shoes. 

The team then went into the next match with barely any practice together with Kaori and lost the LCS Semifinals against 100 Thieves after yet another close series. Many fans were upset and blamed the quick roster change as the reason for their loss.

Worlds Without Danny

After LCS Summer was over, the League of Legends World Championship 2022 was waiting, and Danny decided to continue his break to focus on his mental health. With this news, many were doubtful that the team would even make it out of the Play-In Stage.

However, the team proved everyone wrong and even broke the eight-year-long NA Curse against Mad Lions. Unfortunately, the Group Stage did not go as well as Play-Ins, and the team failed to qualify for the next stage. 

Who Will Be the Evil Geniuses' New ADC?

For the new year, Evil Geniuses now has to look for a new bot laner. It is still not certain who will be Danny's replacement, but with Doublelift rumored to return to the LCS again, EG would be a good option for him.

In addition, we know that Jankos is open to going to the LCS, and also Upset is rumored to leave Fnatic this year. It, therefore, would not be surprising to see another player from the European league join the squad. 

Who do you think would be a suitable replacement for Danny? 

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