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The young jungler had an XL presence in his games

Our LEC MVP for Week 2: Excel Esports' Markoon


LEC 2606
Markoon was the king of the LEC jungle © Riot Games

LEC’s Week 2 had some spicy plays, but when someone gives his team 3 great early games in 2 games, that makes thing a lot simpler. Or MVP for week 2 is Excel Esports jungler Mark "Markoon" van Woensel.

Week 2 of the LEC is over and we can already see that this split is going to serve some surprises. Astralis is showing some teeth - in fact they already have as many wins this split as they amassed the entire spring - no one is going 5-0 and a lot of top teams from last season have had a game or two where they looked undeniably shaky. On the plus side, we saw some awesome plays - and in a league where every team can show up and bite the favorites if they underperform, they have all the more incentive to maintain their form.

This week featured plenty of favorites getting beaten, but with a 2-0 against opponents like Team Vitality and the MAD Lions, we’re not sure if Excel Esports should stay in the “underdog” category anymore. We saw some great plays from several of their players, but the one that impressed us the most was their jungler, Mark "Markoon" van Woensel.

Markoon managed to lead his team to set Excel for success with amazing early plays three times in 2 matches. He had a very good coordination with his veteran mid laner Erlend "nukeduck" Våtevik Holm and the two punished Team Vitality hard in the early game. Then, after a nerve-wracking long paise and a remake, Excel did it again - and while Vitality managed to come back in the mid-game, the UK team rallied to secure the win.

On Saturday, Excel faced off against a resurgent MAD Lions, and once more their jungle delivered a masterclass. Now on Volibear, he had impactful ganks in the sidelines and set up his team for the quickest victory this split. The bear ended with a 7/0/8 score, taking part in 15 of the team’s 18 kills racked in just over 21 minutes.

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Next week, Excel take on Rogue in what might be one of the most impactful matches of the first half of the split - and if Markoon is once more on point, Rogue will have their hands full.