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Will LNG Esports win Worlds 2022?

LNG Esports Confirm Signing of DoinB for 2022

News 14-12-2021 15:30
FPX Doing B Leaves
LNG has announced DoinB for 2022 | © Riot Games

We thought the day would never come, but DoiNB has left FPX and is moving onto greener pastures with LNG Esports. The official announcement came earlier today, but fans have known this was coming for weeks.

Are you excited for LNG Esports in 2022?

LNG Confirm DoinB for 2022

Like we said, DoinB himself leaked this roster change a few weeks back during an interaction with a fan. The information was subsequently posted to reddit.

DoinB has a reputation for leaking stuff like this to fans, but usually it's in reference to other players. He seems to be well connected with pro players in the LPL.

Why is DoinB leaving FPX?

DoinB is joining LNG Esports after a particularly disastrous performance at Worlds 2022. It seems as though the whole Fun Plus Phoenix roster is imploding, following their failure to escape Group A at Worlds this year.

This was also leaked on reddit about a month ago. Just like many of the other crazy roster swaps we saw during this years off season.

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LNG Esports Add LvMao 

On December 14, 2021 LNG added one more piece to their roster with former JD Gaming support LvMao joining the team as a veteran presence in the bot lane. He will be playing alongside Light. 

Does this mean that Iwandy will have to compete and share his position with the veteran player in 2022? We can't wait to see this team compete at the Demacia Cup and what they can achieve. 

LNG Esports 2022 Roster Confirmed

Fans now know the 2022 LNG Esports roster, following the confirmation of a contract renewal with Ale for Top Lane.

What do you think about this team? LNG Esports failed to make it out of Group Stage at Worlds 2021, can this roster go further?

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