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Demacia Cup: Where and When to Watch

News 17-12-2021 16:30
Time to look ahead at 2022. | © Riot Games

The 2021 Demacia Cup will be taking place ahead of the 2022 LPL season. This way fans can see their favorite teams with their new players and try to estimate where they could stand at the end of the LPL Spring Split.

This is the entry tournament for players to warm up ahead of the actual season, since the tournament does not have any implications on the future of the teams in regards to the Mid Season Invitational or the 2022 World Championship.

Huya Acquired Exclusive Broadcasting Rights

Esports is a big deal in China. As we all know, the industry is still growing in both Europe and North America. However, in China many Esports superstars have become household names. The Chinese streaming platform, Huya, knows this and has upped its effort to broadcast more Esports events on its site.

Just like in the west, there is fierce competition between the different streaming platforms and while we have Twitch and YouTube fighting for dominance, in China there are multiple broadcasters like Douyu, Bilibili Huya and many more.

Huya has gotten the exclusive rights to broadcast the Demacia Cup in 2021. Does this mean western audiences won’t be able to watch the event? You can still access the stream from North America and Europe, don’t worry.

In previous years, the official stream was only available in Chinese. This year however, there will be English coverage.

Huya Owns Multiple Streaming Rights in China

Huya is the streaming site that holds multiple rights to professional League of Legends leagues. For example, Huya is the official streaming platform for the LCK in China. They also broadcast the LEC and LCS.

In other Esports, Huya has also had exclusive rights to Kiev Major and Singapore Major of DOTA2. So, if you’re an Esports fan in China, Huya is the way to go for your streaming needs.

When is the Demacia Cup?

The Demacia Cup Group Stage began on December 17th. Playoffs begin on the 22nd and the Grand Final will be held on December 26th.

Many teams will take this tournament as an opportunity to work on their synergy. Don't worry too much if your favorite team doesn't perform well, after all... this tournament is for fun right?

What Teams are Competing at the Demacia Cup? 

Just like last year, every single LPL team will take part in the tournament, while LDL teams also participate. The most exciting part is that a few amateur teams will have the opportunity to compete as well.

As you can see, there are some better known teams such as EDG, FPX, and RNG competing. This is the first chance many fans have had to see the 'new and improved' versions of their favorite teams competing. Who will come out on top?

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