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LoL: A New Matchmaking Rating System Called "TrueSkill 2" Is On Its Way

News 03-01-2024 17:24

Every day, people complain about their progress in solo queue, but only a few know how it's calculated. Your progress is affected by your Match Making Rating (MMR) compared to your Rank. People have different opinions on this, and now Riot Games has revealed they're changing the system for Season 2024.

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Many people don't really understand how League of Legends ELO and MMR work. That's why there are so many different opinions, most of which are incorrect. Only Riot Games truly knows how everything works. But things are about to change because Riot has announced a new MMR System, and we might get more information about it.

LoL: Riot Will Implement True Skill 2 In 2024

Riot Iksar mentioned on Reddit that they are adopting a new system they've created at the beginning of the new year. This move is aimed at placing newer accounts in the right skill bracket at the start of their climb. Smurfs will be placed higher, and new players will likely be placed somewhere in Silver ELO. It should also make it harder to have a negative LP state (-30, +20).

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Riot will share more info once they have it and want to see how it plays out before making adjustments.

But that's not all; after the proprietary system, they plan to move to a completely new system called TrueSkill 2. Riot is still evaluating TrueSkill, but it seems promising to them.

What Is TrueSkill 2?

Reddit User u/Content_Mission5154 summarized a paper on TrueSkill 2. The new system considers KDA and other metrics, not just the Win/Loss Ratio.

There are three key points: TrueSkill 2 is based on shooters, where KDA matters a lot more. In a MOBA like League of Legends, the impact would be minimal, likely only mattering when someone consistently plays extremely well or poorly.

The new system aims to make ranked matchmaking fairer to newer players by assuming a lower MMR than the previous system. This places players in lower games, leading to less frustrating situations.

One potential issue with TrueSkill 2 is character-specific matchmaking. It evaluates your skill level on a per-champion basis, similar to fighting games. This means if you're a Riven One Trick, you'll play against players of similar skill as your Riven. If you try a new champion like Fiddlesticks Toplane, you'd lose less LP because you're not as skilled with that champion.

This is a niche concern, and Riot will likely address it before implementing TrueSkill 2.

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That is probably the worst new system i have ever heard of. If you let lose players less LP if you play a champ you are not good with then they would just "train" their champs in ranked mode which would ruin the situation even more AND if you see you have a troll in your team you dont try to tryhard but instead pick a champion you know you have never played or you are very bad with just to lose less LP, makes no sense to me.

What they should make instead is what they had already tested and removed again, I'm speaking of the role specific elo: this way people would make less smurfs and dont have to worry too much when you played 100 games in a row as support and suddenly get autofilled into jungle.

What do you guys think?