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How Many More Nerfs Does Briar Need?

News 28-03-2024 10:26

Briar is a very interesting champion. She seems to be insanely strong in the lower elo brackets but has very limited power in higher elos. 

Street Demon Briar
Briar is definetly one of the champions of all times. | © Riot Games

Riot nerfed Briar in almost every patch since her release, and yet she doesn't seem to be balanced. 

She is one of the strongest champions in the game below Diamond Elo and regularly considered S+ tier on any list. On the other hand above Diamond she starts to struggle hard. Once you reach Master or higher it is basically a troll pick and her win rate goes down to below 45% which is absolutely insane.

At this point even Riot doesn't know what to do with the champion and that definitely shows in the patch notes. They are getting very creative in changing her lately.

What Can Riot Do With Briar?

Briar is really good in lower elos. | © Riot Games

Riot is trying a lot of different things to make the champion better in higher elos while not skewing with the lower elo brackets too much. They are trying to give the champion some more skill expression while toning the numbers down. 

It doesn't look like they can ever increase her damage or healing though as then she would just run rampant in Emerald Elo or below. 

Riot took a more creative approach. Ever since Patch 14.6 Briar is able to jump towards jumps with her Q “Head Rush”. Usually she is pretty locked in with her automated movement, but this little tech allows for almost endless skill expression. 

Will this balance Briar? Certainly not. Is it a step into the right direction? Also, probably not, but it is at least a change that Riot can make to help her in high elo while not ruining the state of the lower elo brackets. 

I dont think Briar can ever be really balanced. A champion that has to deal damage to heal will always either deal too much damage and heal too well or just deal no damage and therefore won't heal at all. There is no balance for this that also works in all different skill brackets.

Do you think Briar can be balanced?

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