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LoL: Why Camille Support Is Growing In Popularity

News 25-03-2024 17:13

It actually went so far that she has a higher play rate support than top lane. 

Arcana camille
Camille support is a thing now. | © Riot Games

Camille has recently seen a rise of play in the support position. The champion has been struggling in top lane for quite a while now and the removal of Divine Sunderer in Season 14 did not make that easier at all. 

The champion usually needed to farm well into the late game and then became an absolute machine but the new solo queue pick Camille Support actually does the opposite.

Why Camille Support?

Winterblessed Camille
Camille is actually one of the best engage supports. | © Riot Games

Camille actually has all the qualities that an engage champion needs to have. She has good damage and good tankiness. Enemies will not expect you to be aggressive level one and also underestimate the passive shield.

Combine this with the Hail of Blades rune and you can absolutely stomp through some games.

But how does it work? Well, Season 14 has definitely laid the grounds for this new play style. Camille Support starts with E and recklessly harasses the enemy ADC. Combine Hail of Blades with her early trading power and the Q auto attack reset, and you can 1vs1 any ADC well into the mid-game.

Typically, you want to start out the lane by aggressively “hook-shotting” yourself at the enemy ADC and auto-attacking them down until they have to flash. Once they use the summoner spell its free game for you, and you can engage onto them whenever you like.

Camille support is a breath of fresh air for any support main that is tired of picking Pyke or Pantheon every game. The newly added Bloodsong support item certainly increases Camille's efficiency too, as she auto attacks quite a lot and can amplify a lot of damage.

If you are looking for some fun new support gameplay give Camille a try!

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