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Are the new Hazards too strong and annoying?

LoL Arena Mode: Players Moan About New Arena Hazards

News 04-08-2023 16:30
New Hazards Lo L Arena Mode
LoL Arena Mode has gotten new Hazard champions, some people dont like them |©Riot Games

The LoL Arena mode has gotten new Hazards champion with Gwen, Viego, Evelynn, Shaco and Jhin. Some of them are surely not fun to play against in the older game modes and now people are moaning about them in the Arena Mode as well. Here is everything you need to know about them, and why some players are hating on them.

LoL Arena Mode: The New Hazards

So, there are some new and fresh Hazards for the new League of Legends Arena Mode. Hazards are champion cameos, which make the game mode even more interesting. All of these Hazards have unique abilities, which can be helpful or harmful for the players. 

In every case they should impact the map and the play style of the players

Soul fighter shaco
Already annoying in the other game modes, but now Shaco has entered the Arena |©Riot Games (Montage)

So far we had Lux, Naafiri, Pyke, Samira and Sett. Now Gwen, Viego, Evelynn, Shaco and Jhin are joining them in the Arena. Experienced LoL players already know how annoying these champions can be in a normal round of League, and now they followed us into the new game mode as well. You simply can't catch a break from them, fight?

Well, many players are already annoyed by them and started to complain in a now popular thread on the League of Legends Subreddit.

It seems like many players are feeling, that the new Hazards have either annoying or unfair abilities. The creator of the thread, a user named "Qbuilderz" describes his feelings towards them very shortly with:

Targeted buffs are not fun (Gwen / Viego)Camouflage is not fun (Evelynn / Shaco)Jhin...fine, but I still don't like that it's randomly picking a target when the other arena traps have set criteria.

The later one is totally understandable by the way, since the random aspect is working against the so far seen structure of other Hazard champions, and could make many rounds feeling unfair. And many users are joining "Qbuilderz" opinion.

For example, the user "cedric1234_", who phrased his thoughts about the Hazards,

Gwen makes playing rounds feel like red light green light, often you don’t want to trade abilities or engage because first person to act gives the enemy team gwen so it turns into a map control fight where looking scary is the wincon Viego feels like his numbers don’t work for arena, like c’mon, he dies in like two hits I swear lol
Evelynn feels like an autoloss against burst. Where did annie go? BOOM! Also encourages noninteraction sometimes as both teams camp a plant and hope the other throws. Shaco is a paid actor who is specifically designed to place boxes between me and the plant I so desperately need. He’s great, actually more interesting to play around. Jhin feelsbadman. He just feels wrong, can’t place it. Damage thats weirdly hard to avoid just irks me. I wish it was jhin Ws constantly being shot from the edges of the arena.

Also, it seems like that many users are feeling, that the new Hazards don't really fit into the Arena Mode or at least feel not as polished as their predecessors. The user "Cpt_sneakmouse" phrased his feelings this way, "They all feel less polished to me. Most of the previous ones felt like they added a strategic element to the matches these just feel chaotic."

Gwen League of Legends Banner
Gwen is also a new Hazard in the LoL Arena Mode |©Riot Games

Of course, it wouldn't be the Lol Subreddit without someone bringing in some memes, this time it was the user "FearTheReaper01", "Who knew that skills like Gwen W, Shaco Boxes were unfun? I'm SHOCKED honestly"

It will be interesting to see, how the new Hazards might impact the game and if changes for them are needed. At the moment, many players have to get used to them, and maybe they won't be that annoying after it. So lets see which champions might become Arena Hazards in the future. How about Teemo? 

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