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What is new in Season 14?

LoL Preseason 2024: Riot Reveals Plans For Season 14

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LoL Preseason 2024: What can we expect this year? | © Riot Games

Every year Riot makes some big changes to League of Legends and Summoner's Rift, either bringing about whole new items, or reworking the jungle for the hundredth time again, because let's be real we just need constant jungle changes, right? 

In recent dev blogs, Riot revealed some of the things they're working on for the upcoming LoL Preseason 2024. Spoiler, it doesn't seem like the jungle will get a whole new overhaul this year, though it would be kinda cool if the Baron and Drakes were to switch spots, no? 

LoL Preseason 2024: Here Is What We Can Expect

Items and Item Systems Will Be Looked Into

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This year, it seems like Riot isn't going to focus on the jungle, instead they're going to keep going from where they left off in the LoL mid-season update regarding items. It had already been revealed that the balance team was thinking of possibly removing mythics completely

With the mid-season overhaul, the team was looking to shake up the mythic system to see whether it's still useful and bringing added value to the game. If it didn't then we could kiss the mythic system goodbye. It seems like that might be on the menu for 2024. 

Riot Brightmoon explained that by the next LoL dev update we would learn more and have more news on the Preseason. Hopefully they revert the Infinity Edge and mythic item change, because let's be real, that item just doesn't work as a mythic... especially with the awful mythic passive it has.

Hopefully the changes to items that Riot has planned will somehow be able to help out the solo lanes. Mages have been weaker than any role in the entire game and we shouldn't even get started on the top lane, right? 

Map and Dragon Changes

Elemental Dragon Ixtal
A new dragon in Season 14? | © Riot Games

Though it doesn't seem like the jungle is going to undergo new changes, the devs do want to add some map changes in season 14. Since top laners and mages have been suffering on solo lanes, devs are looking into changing the map in order to make them less gankable.  Which is nice, then we could, hopefully, see some improvements in the solo lanes.

While Baron and Drake will not be changing places on the map (as far as we know), LoL might have to make room for a new addition to the dragon family!

On Reddit, u/Riot Meddler (aka Andrei "Meddler" van Roon - Senior Vice President and Studio Head of League Studio at Riot) commented on a Reddit post:

If the ice drake goes well for WR we'd be open to adding it to LoL PC as well at some point. Adding additional drakes isn't one of our higher priorities at present for preseason/large gameplay update work though, we think other issues are more pressing gameplay wise.

So, if things go well over on Wild Rift, we'll be seeing an additional drake somewhere in our future. We don't know if it will necessarily happen in Season 14, but we can at least hope to!

Minion Changes

League of minions
Minion changes to improve the top lane are also welcome. | © Riot Games

But wait, guys, there's more! If we look back at Quick Gameplay Thoughts 13.7 Bryan "Axes" Salvatore and Matthew "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison revealed plans to "differentiate the minions in each lane".

We still don't know what this exactly means, but it definitely sounds promising. Maybe they'll introduce new minions into the game that are specific to each lane. Or, maybe all lanes will have different amounts of minions. Either way, we can't wait to see what's in store for our little companions.

Unconfirmed Theories

We all know that LoL can be a little...buggy. Now, with the Tournament of Souls event apparently using up a lot of RAM on people's computers, players are one again speculating whether and when LoL will be seeing a big client update.

Even though Riot hasn't talked about this yet for the upcoming season, League's client is in dire need of an update. That could be of big help in the battle of the constant bugs, and also just to improve the player's quality of life. That most likely won't be happening in the near future, though.

So pack out your fly swatters people – it seems that the bugs will be staying for a while.

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