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LoL Arena Mode: This Is Why You Can't Surrender

News 07-08-2023 18:05
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League of Legends Arena Game Mode: Surrendering is not possible here. | © Riot Games

Riot Games have done something right: their new Arena game mode for League of Legends is an astounding success! With the game mode being available for a while now, players are making suggestions on how to improve the game mode. One topic is of course making an impact too: surrendering.

It has been a while since League of Legends has seen a new game mode. After its release, Arena has been well received with the community. However, as with everything new, not everything is perfect and Riot Games keep patching Arena to improve the gameplay experience. 

Players were quick to notice that among all the new features, one very old feature has been missing from Arena entirely: you can not surrender. While this is helping the game keep its flow and prevents rounds from ending quicker than they already do, it makes life for players who suffer from an AFK teammate miserable. However, it seems that Riot are considering to add the function in a future update.

LoL Arena: Why You Can't Surrender In League of Legends' Game Mode

Rioter 'H28_G_Evo' has stated on Reddit that the demand for surrendering was simply not big enough! The players on PBE did very rarely ask for surrender votes to be implemented and also barely went AFK. This led Riot to leave the option to surrender out entirely. However, adding surrenders in a future version of Arena may still be considered.

The Soul Fighter event in League of Legends lasts for another three weeks, during which players can enjoy their own Arena adventure. So far, Riot Games have not announced whether the game mode will return as a permanent addition after the event ends. An announcement will most likely come a few weeks after the event concludes.

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