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Is it all over?

LoL Arena Mode: When Does The New Game Mode End?

News 07-08-2023 17:20
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LoL Arena Mode is nearing it's end, sadly |©Riot Games

The LoL Arena Mode might be the hottest mode in League of Legends right now and has established itself as a true alternative to the normal game and ARAM. Over the last couple of weeks thousands of players have competed against each other on the different maps. 

The mode quickly developed its own meta and even received balance updates, hot fixes and additional content. Things, that other game modes never got during their time in the game. So will the Arena be a permanent addition to the game, or will it be gone with the end of the in-game event? After all this time, we finally got an answer.

LoL Arena Mode: When Will It End ?

Well, we have some bad news for all Arena Mode fans out there. Sadly the mode will be gone soon, at least for the foreseeable future. According to the Riot employees Andrei "Meddler" van Room and Jeremy "Brightmoon" Lee, the mode was specifically designed for the Soul Fighter Event, and it would end with the event as well.

This means, that the Arena Mode will end on August 27, 2023, at 11:59pm PST. But it might come back in the future, as the devs stated in the "Mid-Year-Check-In" video on the official League of Legends YouTube Channel.

This version of the Arena was specifically designed for Soul Fighter, and we want to take some time to hear your feedback and gauge the mode's popularity before we make any future decisions. Now, assuming Arena does return, there are definitely some features we didn't get in this version, like custom lobbies and queuing with multiple friends

It seems to be the case, that the future plans for the Mode are far too specific, to just assume the return of the Arena. At least, if you listen to the things Meddler talks about in the dev update video,

We're going to be putting out Arena-specific balance changes over the course of its run. Those will likely be a mixture of champion-specific tailored changes, and where needs bem if we just need to change a lot of champions as once, simpler percentage adjustments to damage dealt or taken. Well'be looking at a range of inputes when considerng balance...
Collage Arena Lo L
Will we see these maps ever again, many fans are hoping so |©Riot Games

Looking at the fans' reaction in the comment section, many are hoping for a sooner than later return of the Arena Mode. It will be interesting to see, if the Mode was popular enough to become a permanent one in the future. 

So, if you haven't tried out the Arena Mode, we highly recommend doing so. Many players returned to the game due to the mode, and it's a fun experience for sure. Grab a friend and become a true gladiator.

So after August 28, we will have to say goodbye to the Arena for foreseeable future. And yes, we were entertained.

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