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LoL: Long-Overdue Champion VGU Set for 2025

News 08-01-2024 16:57

It's about time! Shyvana, the Dragonborn herself, is set to receive a long-awaited Visual and Gameplay Update (VGU). Get ready for a transformative experience as Riot works its magic to bring Shyvana into the modern era of League of Legends.

Shyvana 0
LoL: Shyvana finally gets her VGU. | © Riot Games

It's a dream come true for Shyvana mains! After years of longing and hints in the community, Riot is finally making it happen – Shyvana is next in line for a Visual and Gameplay Update following Skarner. The anticipation is real, and the League of Legends Season 14 start video spilled the beans on this exciting development.

While a specific release date for Shyvana's VGU in 2025 is still under wraps, the mere confirmation is enough to set the League community abuzz with excitement. Get ready for a new era for the Dragonborn as Riot gears up to breathe fresh life into Shyvana.

LoL: Shyvana Gets Her Well Deserved VGU

Ruination Shyvana
Her VGU will be insane. | © Riot Games

Shyvana, one of the oldest champions in the game and, let's face it, a bit crusty, is in for a treat with her upcoming Visual and Gameplay Update (VGU). The struggle between AD and AP builds, the confusion about her role – it's a hot mess that the VGU team is aiming to untangle.

While players might have to exercise a bit more patience until 2025 for the full reveal, the concept art is already teasing some exciting possibilities for the draconic champion. Get ready for a Shyvana reimagined, where skins shine, and her kit becomes a thing of beauty.

Shyvana concept art
Her concept art actually looks incredible. | © Riot Games

The lore between Shyvana and Jarvan IV is a narrative the community has been eager to explore. With the recent revelation of Smolder, the appetite for dragon-themed champions is at an all-time high. Riot has a golden opportunity to delve into the rich lore and strengthen the connection between these two iconic characters.

As for the concepts, each holds its own charm, but personal preferences might vary. The visual overhaul could take Shyvana in a myriad of directions, from a sleek and majestic dragon to a fierce and primal incarnation. It's a tough call, as each concept has the potential to bring something unique to the table. What do you long for?

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