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LoL: Champion Roadmap - This Is The Next League of Legends Champion

News 24-08-2023 16:11
Ionian mid lane mage champion
This could be interesting... | © Riot Games

Riot releases the LoL Champion Roadmap every few months. Through the roadmap we get new hints on upcoming League of Legends champions, reworks and much more in scope of champions that Riot is working on. 

There is some pretty interesting stuff happening, like more champions in 2023, as well as champion updates coming soon. Are you ready for more mid-scope updates

LoL Champion Roadmap: How Many Champions To Expect In 2023

There is no exact number that has been revealed yet for new LoL champions, but we do believe that in 2023 we should be getting the same amount of new champions as in 2022. We think that getting four or five new champions a year seems feasible. 

Riot has not confirmed this yet though and we are just speculating, but in the last few years we've received around four to five champions yearly and with the amount of Mid-Scope updates, as well as other updates happening this number seems to likely stay consistent. 

LoL's New Champion: Briar, The Vampiric Jungler

While exploring a fantasy of eternal hunger for Naafiri, the champion design team quickly noticed that such a design would fit a diver or a skirmisher better than an assassin. And then it hit senior designer August 'August' Browning – and Briar was only a long process of planning and designing away!

With a core fantasy of an insatiable, uncontrollable hunger, August created a champion that knows friend from foe – and you would not want to be on her bad side when the hunger takes over.

Briar is a vampiric jungler. According to recent leaks, she will not be able to regenerate health by herself but will instead have lifesteal and also a state of frenzy! Her kit has not yet been revealed, so take any leaks with a grain of salt.

Fortunately, it seems like we will not have to wait for Briar for long...

Jax Gets A Fresh New Look In This ASU, Along With Two Other Champions

Jax asu
Jax may get a fresh, new look, but he still doesn't get a real weapon. | © Riot Games

While Jax is generally popular and has recently received a shiny, new ultimate, his looks have not held up too well. Riot have acknowledged this and are adding to him with an Artwork and Sustainability Update. You may remember ASUs from champions like Ahri and Caitlyn, and Riot have previously announced to bring more of them to champions with aging models, but overall well functioning kits. 

Despite not giving him a real weapon, Riot's design team is planning to put some more emphasis on his traditional Icathian weapon. This should bring out his personal connection to his long-gone home, which has since fallen victim to the Void. 

Jax' ASU is expected to hit the rift later this year, but we have not been given an exact release estimate. Additionally, you can look forward to two additional ASUs releasing in 2024! Lee Sin is receiving his ASU in the first half of next year, with Teemo following up in the second half. 

Skarner's VGU Concepts

Skarner VGU header
Skarner's VGU is going to be pretty epic. | © Riot Games

There has been more information lately on the Skarner VGU. One of the biggest is that he is being moved away from Shurima and into Ixtal, where he now becomes a wielder of earth magic.

Along with the updated region and look, Skarner is also going to have some interesting changes to his abilities. No more spires! Oh, and his ultimate has been teased to be AoE, meaning he can pick up multiple targets. 

Riot have announced that the Skarner VGU will release in early 2024. There is still a lot of work to be done on his kit, so it is impossible to tell if that is set in stone or just an estimate.

New Mid Lane Champion Revealed for 2023

A new mid lane mage is also in the works. This champion concept is nothing new though and Riot is bringing back some previous ideas that they did not manage to incorporate into a champion yet. A few years ago they wanted to create a champion that could literally draw their abilities. 

In the latest champion roadmap, the champion's concept of drawing has been confirmed. However, while it was time for the champion to get teased with his own artwork, Riot have stated that they are waiting on the champion himself to give us his own drawing.

What we can confirm: it's a male champion from Ionia, with a dark past, somber character, and vibrant art. You know, the usual! We wonder how the abilities will work though, and if they will require Riot to make a new mechanic for them, the way they did with Sylas, or if the drawing is just a quirk while the mechanics fall under the already existing purview.

Do not be fooled about this artist, though – surely he has some tricks up his sleeve. Jhin has tolerated the existence of another artist in Ionia – at least so far...

New Freljordian Champion

Freljord Raiders
A new Freljordian champ is coming soon! | © Riot Games

Riot is also going to be making a champion from the Freljord, according to some leaks and rumours. This would be, most likely, a top lane champion and a huntress. 

We also know that another champion will be an adorable marksman, who is currently in the process of hatching. We are excited to find out more about them – are you too?

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