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More Darkin Champs?

LoL: Champion Roadmap - Who is the Next Champion

Ixtal Champion
Aren't they adorable? | © Riot Games

Riot releases the LoL Champion Roadmap every few months. Through the roadmap we get new hints on upcoming League of Legends champions, reworks and much more in scope of champions that Riot is working on. 

There is some pretty interesting stuff happening,  like more champions in 2023, as well as champion updates coming soon. Are you ready for more mid-scope updates

LoL Champion Roadmap: How Many Champions to Expect in 2022

Riot recently shared some news on upcoming champions. Unfortunately, they're planning on slowing down champion releases and making sure that champions are actually ready before they release. This should help to avoid issues with champions being super OP on release, like Viego and Zeri were.

"While we don’t know exactly how many champions we’ll release this year, it should be pretty similar to last year."

This means that we shouldn't get our hopes up for another champion this year. In 2021 Riot released 4 champions and four have already made their way onto the rift this year. Though, there are a few more champion surprises which should be released in 2022. 

What Champion Can We Expect Next from Riot?

The next champion we are going to receive is the top lane tank from Nazumah, a brand-new region in Shurima. What is interesting is that they're unlike any other Shuriman folk we have encountered in League of Legends. They do not bow to Azir and fought hard to live in the desert, fighting off giant monsters to earn their spot at the only Oasis for miles. 

Now, 500-years after settling down and creating a society, they celebrate K'Sante the leader of the Nazumah warriors and one of the strongest to have lived, even having fought the largest animal from the desert. This all sounds pretty exciting and we're so hyped for this brand-new top lane tank. 

According to the champion roadmap in August 2022 K'Sante uses a unique weapon called the Ntofo which he made out of the hide of the giant monster he fought. He uses it as a blunt weapon, but he's able to shatter it, turning it into sharp daggers before it restores itself into a blunt object once more. Insane, eh? 

Riot Planning Aurelion Sol Rework

The next big thing Riot is planning is a CGU, which is going to be a comprehensive gameplay update for one specific champion. This will be done for Aurelion Sol where his entire kit is being wiped and rebuilt from the ground-up without having to change his lore or visuals, since let's be real ASol just looks pretty cool, right? 

Aurelion Sol is going to be an insanely strong late game mage and Riot also revealed some new abilities. He will be breathing fire and he will be flying and if you're good you're even able to fly and breathe fire at the same time. Hopefully this is going to be as fun as it sounds. 

Skarner's VGU Concepts

Riot have just barely started to look at concepts for Skarner's upcoming VGU. This makes total sense, because Udyr still has a lot of work left before he's finished. Luckily, they shared some of these conceptual re-designs for LoL's iconic scorpion. Which one is your favorite?

Skarner Concept Art
Skarner Concept Art | © Riot Games

Riot Announce New Darkin Assassin

Of course, we cannot overlook the announcement of the upcoming Darkin Assassin. Yes, you read that right apparently another Darkin is making its way onto the rift. Whether this champion is a human or a creature is not yet known with Reav3 referring to them as 'who' or 'what'. 

We do know that the Darkin comes in the form of a dagger and that dagger looks sexy so I hope that this is going to be an insanely fun assassin for us to play, because the concept art already looks amazing. Give us more Riot... not just these teases! 

New Ixtal Champion - A Male Enchanter

Yes, you read that right. We are also going to be getting a new champion from Ixtal, and they are going to be a male enchanter. Riot is currently in early development for this champion, so they will likely be released in late 2023. This is exciting though and we can't wait to test them out. 

These champions do look promising and with the last tank to come in the form of Rell as a support, we're even more hyped for K'Sante. What will the pride of Nazumah look like? They will probably be a human champion, but we do hope to see more monstrous champions come in the future.