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LoL: Counter The New Skarner With These Champions

News 18-03-2024 16:27

The Reworked Skarner is hitting the live servers soon! Here are some champions that work fantastic against 

Skarner Base Splash Art
Skarner got a VGU! | © Riot Games

The new Skarner will be out soon and while you might not be interested in playing him there might be some merit to knowing what is good against him.

Skarner seems to be a slow Juggernaut. He likes to hard engage on the enemy team and tries to stick to them. Here are some champions that could work really well against him.

LoL: Counters To The New Skarner

Skarner Concept Art 24
Quite a bit can be done to be safe from Skarner's Stinger. | © Riot Games

This is all still speculation because Skarner obviously isn't available yet, but we do have a decent concept of how he works.

All of these counters are going to be junglers because Skarner will mostly be played in the jungle.

1. Lillia

Lillia should work great against Skarner, she is fast enough to outrun most of his abilities and her true damage should be amazing against the Primordial Sovereign.

Usually Lillia is tanky enough to survive the Charge and following Combo so trading back against Skarner should be easy. With good movement and the right usage of her passive it can be very hard for Skarner to even hit Lillia which makes her a potent counter.

2. Bel'Veth

Well, Bel'Veth is so strong she counters everything but her tank shredding potential will be great against Skarner. Her high mobility paired with a knock-up can keep Skarner at an arms length while she stabs him to death with her immense attack speed.

3. Briar

Street Demon Briar
Briar should be good against Skarner. | © Riot Games

Briar is a champion that does very well against Juggernauts as she can out-sustain them in longer fights. As a Juggernaut Skarner is able to get into fights quickly and has the power to close them out fast. He doesn't necessarily do good in longer fights where his long cooldowns are a disadvantage.

4. Volibear

Volibear is a champion that recently got buffed. He works in a similar way as the new Skarner as he likes to hard engage and stick to his enemies. He does have an advantage over Skarner though as he actually has built in sustain for himself. 

Skarner excels at flanking and finding targets to lock down while his team deals the damage. If Skarner plays alone or has already used all of his abilities he is rather weak, and those weaknesses can be easily exploited. 

Sustain is great against Skarner, but high mobility also makes it very easy to escape his grasp and stingers.

Skarner Concept Art 16
Are you going to play Skarner? | © Riot Games

We will see what is actually good against Skarner once he has been out for a while on the live server but until then we can do nothing but speculate.

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