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LoL: Dantes Season 2024 Challenger Race

News 11-01-2024 15:19

With the new League of Legends season comes a new type of competition. Who reaches the highest rank, Challenger, first? 25 Streamers from North America are trying to find out.

Dantes race
25 Streamers racing for Challenger. | © Doanel

Season 2024 has just started, and we are already getting some nice streaming content out of it. 24 Streamers from the North American Server and one EUW Player have decided on a challenge. Who is getting Challenger first? With the new changes to the map and items everybody is starting of new so It's very interesting to see who can adapt the fastest.

LoL Season 2024 Dantes Challenger Race: Everything You Need To Know

25 Streamers have come together and paid the 500 Dollar entry price. The winner is who reaches the elusive Challenger Rank first. With a 13,500 Dollar prize pool, there's quite a bit at stake, so who is going to win it all?

The Event started with the new season on January 10, at 10 AM EST. There are 5 Rules:

  1. Every game must be streamed
  2. You must play on only one account from the time the challenge starts
  3. You are allowed a maximum of 3 minutes for your stream delay
  4. Duoing is not allowed
  5. Winner gets the entire prize pool

Pretty straight up. So who is in the Tournament, and how are the standings?

Elderwood Hecarim
Not the first big Tournament Dantes has hosted. | © Riot Games

The Players for the Dantes Challenger Race are:

  • Dantes
  • Solarbacca
  • IWDominate
  • TFBlade
  • Dunlol
  • Tarzaned
  • Tyler1
  • Yassuo
  • Scrubnoob
  • Viper
  • Azzap
  • Tempest
  • Detention
  • xDavemon
  • Chenchen53
  • LegitKorea
  • Alicopter
  • Sheiden
  • Mechanical Player
  • Moezaic
  • HotEboyXerath
  • Inori
  • Jamaican Banana
  • Pullks
  • Pentaless
  • Karhus

The whole tournament consists of either really high ELO SoloQ streamers or even ex- and current Pro Players and coaches. 

It's very exciting to see who is going to come out on top. Historically, TFBlade won most of the challenger races he has been on because of his insane stamina as he plays close to 200 games in less than 4 days. Azzap is playing from EU, so he is playing with at least 150 ping. 

Black frost velkoz
Azzap is a Vel'Koz One Trick from EUW. | © Riot Games

With the current standing, the 3 highest rated players in the race are all junglers. 

  1. Sheiden — Jungler for Flyquest Academy
  2. Pentaless — Nunu One-Trick Pony
  3. Jamaican Banana — Ivern One-Trick Pony

Sheiden is going with an incredible pace and is currently leading as he is Master 33 LP with a 70% Winrate.

You can always check out the standings on the Dantes Challenger Race website

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