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Well, that escalated quickly.

LoL - Dantes Tournament Drama Explained

News 20-12-2023 15:20

The Dantes invitational tournament did not start well for Team Humzh, nor did it end well with the recent allegations.

Elderwood Hecarim
This champion seems more like something Cvnka should play | © Riot Games

One of the most popular League of Legends streamers, and one with a very peculiar personality, Dantes, has recently hosted a tournament with a cash prize for NA streamers.

From the get-go, the team that had Humzh as a captain started off on the wrong foot, as their top laner turned out to be a boosted player, who only qualified for the tournament by accident, and wasn't even a LoL streamer.

Luckily for the team, after they decided to ask Dantes for a different top laner, they were given SilSol as a replacement. Or, was it lucky after all?

Dantes Invitational Drama Explained

The premise of Dantes' tournament was simple. Each team would be captained by a popular LoL streamer, usually a challenger one, and they would pick their team during the draft phase.

Each team would consist of two Challenger players, one of whom is the captain, a low elo player, that is below Diamond, a Diamond plus player, and a Master plus player.

Project Varus
Humzh was smurfing it on Varus | © Riot Games

After team Humzh finally got their draft, and following extensive scrims, it turned out that they were quickly becoming favorites to win the tournament once the first rounds kicked off, with a good score.

It was at this time that Tarzaned brought out his allegations against SilSol, their top lane player. She was supposed to be the low elo player in Humzh's team, but was consistently holding her own against Challenger top laners, and smurfing on Master players.

Kennen 0
I had my doubts once I saw her go 1 for 1 in a four-man gank on Kennen | © Riot Games

Tarzaned argued that either SilSol was not who she claimed she was, or that someone else was playing on her account while she was streaming her voice, as she streams with camera off. This is because, the account SilSol is an old account that had shared ownership in the past, and its main owner was a guy back then, further muddying the waters.

In response, Dantes offered SilSol an opportunity to stream with a hand camera, which would only be visible to Dantes' girlfriend, who had no stake in the tournament, for transparency's sake.

Tarzaned streamer league of legends
Imagine beefing with Tarzaned, and he's the well-adjusted one | Tarzaned

Following SilSol's refusal, however, a new solution was not even thought of. And you may now be asking yourselves why that is. Did Tarzaned whine and put pressure on Dantes to disqualify them Humzh, or something of the matter?

On the contrary, Tarzaned was more right than even he himself knew, it would appear. Because, only a few short hours later, a Twitter long was released, consisting of 36 pages of screenshots and context, speaking about Cvnka's identity regarding her internet presence.

And, we do not suggest you find it at all, unless you want to be traumatized by the experience. The screenshots in question show Cvnka' history with, what appears to be inciting others to self-harm, incentivizing bulimia and grooming, to say the least.

Following that, Dantes refused to have anything to do with this sort of person, as their arguments that it was a long time ago, felt insincere. Especially seeing as the screenshots themselves proved that manipulation was one of Cvnka's modus operandi.

Her Twitter account is filled with gruesome imagery, with her bio alluding to her past even. It does not look like someone who changes their ways.

To try and defend herself, Cvnka went over the Twitter long live on stream, saying that she used to be an edgy kid who would get paid to say edgy stuff and that some of the identities don't even belong to her. Which holds about as much merit as Noxus saying they would bring prosperity to Ionia.

All in all, the situation is more complicated than the bowels of Zaun, and team Humzh elected not to continue playing in the tournament with a  different top laner and have backed out completely. This way, the tournament goes on fair and square, at least.

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