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Buying skins works immediately, but not the summoner spells, huh?

New Quick Play Game Mode to Replace Blind Pick Discovered

News 23-08-2023 03:00
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How else are you going to try out new champions ASAP if not Blind Pick? | © Riot Games

Some time ago, Riot Games have announced that they are planning on getting rid of one of their first-ever game modes in League of Legends, the Blind Pick, due to it not keeping up with the times.

With how few players play blind pick these days, the announcement was not given much attention, as few players careabout blind pick with any seriousness. But a discovery was made on the PBE about a new game mode coming, that is meant to replace the outdated blind pick. One that Riot have teased before, buy have never showcased.

New Team Builder Game Mode to Replace Blind Pick

One of the most famous League of Legends content creators, well known for finding bugs and exploits in League of Legends, Vandiril, has recently found some new options on the Public Beta Environment server, aka the PBE.

As he states in his video, these options are not available to everyone even on the PBE, so the general player base is still unaware of them.

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The most interesting change is the new Team Builder, which is meant to be the new option for a quick, casual, game of League of Legends. With it, players will be able to choose their primary and secondary roles and one champion per role, along with the runes and summoner spells in their own lobby.

After entering the matchmaking queue, and finding enough players for a match, players will skip the champion select and immediately enter the loading screen to start their game.

The lobby selection also offers players a choice of skins, and even the option to buy them, just like the regular champion select does, though no one doubted that being the option even for a second. In essence, it's a vastly upgraded version of the Blind Pick.

For quite some time now, when designing champions, Riot have been trying to fill in the gaps in their game by designing champion classes that didn't exist before. It's rejuvenating to see them do the same for other aspects of their game.

Shop Arena In Lo L Arena
Good call on getting the Arena out first though | © Riot Games

After all, while Blind Pick has become outdated, there is still a need for a quick game of League of Legends on the Summoner's Rift, and the new Team Builder seems to hit the spot.

Aside from the Team Builder, Vandiril has also showcased a 1v1 game mode and a 28-player TFT lobby.

When is New Quick Play Game Mode Coming

In his video, when entering the game itself, Vandiril shows that the Team Builder is not free of bugs. After all, only one player in the entire game was given summoner spells at all.

In addition, even with PBE being meant for testing new game elements, these options are unavailable for most players. That likely means that these options are in the alpha stages of development.

The best we can hope for is that the new game mode will be moved to the regular PBE soon after patch 13.17, but since there have been no announcements from Riot, that seems unlikely, and most likely means that it's meant for the preseason.

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