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LoL: Faker Reaches New LCK Milestones With Wins Over OK Brion & DRX

News 05-02-2024 16:49

We all knew Faker is the goat. But how does he keep getting better?

T1 T1 and Faker
The 2 Goats. | © Riot Games

Faker is a man with a long list of records. Unkillable Demon King, 4x World Champion, 2 MSI Wins and 10 combined LCK titles. But he is not lazy on his throne. This week, he has gotten 2 more records to add to his belt. The games against OK Brion and DRX officially made it into the history books.

LoL: Faker Reached The 3,000 Kill Milestone And 600th Win

Rookie and Xiaohu were the first players to achieve 3000 kills in their respective region which was the LPL. But this week against OK Brion Faker has reached his 3,000th Kill in the first of the 2 games. He is the first LCK player to reach that benchmark, which makes sense since he has been playing in the league for 11 years now.

The LCS and LEC don't even come close but Caps and Jensen are still active players and who knows, maybe in due time they can also achieve these records.

His 600th overall win was against DRX. 600 is over 150 more wins than the second place in the league, KT Rolster ADC and ex- world champion Deft. Obviously Faker is far ahead given he joined the League in 2013 but still, this doesn't even count any of his numerous wins at international events.

Faker is the undisputed best League of Legends player to ever touch a keyboard. After me of course. 

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