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TSM Responds Back From The Grave - Not Dead?

News 02-02-2024 12:39

TSM had some bad press recently after firing the best social media manager that esports had. He left behind an uncertainty in the organization and its fans, but TSM has responded with their plans for the future.

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TSM used to be the biggest org in NA. | © Riot Games

After terrible news from the ex-social media manager at TSM, they had to make a statement. This came in the form of a Reddit Post and answers a few questions. Unfortunately, the fans are not taking it too well and even call it “too little too late”. 

TSM Confirms Effort To Get Back Into Esport

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Who remembers the glory days in Fortnite?? | © TSM

TSM has left League of Legends esport in 2024 and even the other teams are not looking too hot. They still have an Apex Legends Team that is doing pretty good, but they also got the famous Smash Star Leffen. TSM is also very active in the Rocket League Scene. This is a lot less than before, but we assume that TSM is lacking the funds to do so because of the FTX Issue.

TSM stated that they are still fully committed to esports. They are actively looking for slots in multiple Tier 1 esports like LoL, Valorant and Call of Duty.

They are working hard to secure a League of Legends slot in a Tier 1 region by the end of 2024. Obviously this process isnt easy and they reiterate that there are lots of problems and hurdles, but they are as eager as their fans for TSM to return to League. 

TSM is also looking to play in the Valorant Champions Tour. They will look for the viability after the Open Qualifiers end.

Joining the Rocket League esports was their step into the competitive scene for 2024, and they state that they are actively looking to enter new games. The fans will be updated when the timings are right.

In the end, they thank their fans for the patience and love. More news to come.

TSM Statement: Response Of The Fans

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Its just not the same without him.

Yeah, they are not happy. The uniting sentiment is that this is basically nothing. Nothing new and this is just so safe their image after a drama. The fans are hoping that TSM will keep the Apex Legends Team and Leffen as they are genuinely stars, and it would be a tragedy for TSM and its legacy to lose them.

Reddit's user u/Silfari hit the nail on the head. For years TSM statements have been reactive and most are a response to either bad press or other dramas. Is it even possible for TSM to return to the old Legacy?

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Personally, I think the golden days of TSM are over. Bjergsen is gone, and even Doublelift and Leena are gone. There is simply nobody of the good old times left except the Apex Boys. I wish them all the best, but even if they manage to get a League Team going. Will it be good? Most likely not.

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