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LoL: Players Frustrated With Void Grubs In Season 14

News 02-02-2024 16:47

Void Grubs are an amazing feature and especially loved by top laners, but there is one thing about them thats just absolutely annoying.

League Of Legends Voidgrubs Preseason2024
Voidgrubs are a new objective for the top lane.

Void Grubs are a new objective located in the Baron Pit. They spawn at 5 minutes and can respawn once 4 minutes after being slain. They give an amazing buff called Touch of the Void. This buff lets you deal more damage to towers. If you kill 5 or 6 Void Grubs, you can also spawn little Voidmites when in combat with structures.

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Drake Lo L
Drake is not the coolest objective anymore. GO GRUBS! | © Riot Games

Well, every Void Grub shows his HP above him. If you kill one of the three, then the other two will form a shield. But it doesn't say how strong the shield is. It only states how much HP are left below the shield. Now if you look online you find out that the shield is 25% of their max HP + 25% of their missing HP and that it constantly decays, but in the game you don't get to see the number. 

This makes fighting over Void Grubs extremely messy, especially when the enemy team is involved, and you are trying to shut down the last Grubby. Everybody would see that this is an issue after a single fight, and yet Riot hasn't changed it yet. 

Reddit user u/Flashnfuse made a post about it, and the comments agree that it's an annoying guessing game.

Hopefully Riot listens. Just add the shield hp to the actual hp and nobody would mind.

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