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Arena enjoyers are malding over QoL changes

LoL Fans Furious Over Huge Arena Nerfs In Patch 13.15

News 02-08-2023 12:40
Fans Vs Arena Patch Notes
LoL Fans are furious about Arena nerfs in the new patch |©Riot Games

The new LoL Patch, 3.15, does not only bring nerfs, buffs and changes for champions and items, some quality of life changes are also in there. At least that's what they get called by the Riot dev team. One of these changes regards the new LoL Arena Mode and the gaining of XP for the Event Pass progression.

The community isn't happy, to say the least. Here is everything you need to know about it.

LoL Fans Outraged Over Nerfed Event Pass Progression

The newly added Arena Mode might be one of the most successful game modes in League of Legends. And now LoL Patch 13.15 has gone live with multiple changes for Arena. One of these updates sparked outrage by the game's community, since it will influence the progression of the Event Pass.

Riot Games called this a Quality of Life change and it reads,

Event Pass Mission progress for Arena has been adjusted from 6 points per minute for wins and 4 points per minute for losses to a placement-based system: 6 points for 1st, 4 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd and 2 points for 4th place.

As you can imagine, playing with the rewards of players might not be the best idea and by looking at the community reactions this action wasn't received very well. Especially the fact that the placements are now counting for the progression and not the playtime anymore was heavily criticized, since it will take inexperienced or "worse" players longer to get their rewards.

Some community members are even asking what would even be the idea behind these changes. For example the Twitter user "Drewcifer", who wrote,

Not a good way to promote a new game mode ngl. Like what the actual f**** does it matter how fast someone progresses through the event pass if they still get your money from buying it anyways????

Or the user "Geraf25" who joked, "Well they said it's a QoL change, not QoL improvements".

And the community's reaction is totally understandable, since there doesn't seem to be a reason why Riot Games would make a change like this, beside forcing players to spend more time in the new game mode and spam even more Arena games. 

As if dedicated players wouldn't enjoy and play the mode even without rewards for doing so. ARAM is the best example for this, in this mode you gain absolutely nothing beside level ups and some Event Pass progression.

It will be interesting to see, if Riot is going to react to the criticism, but it seems highly unlikely. And only the future will show if the Arena Mode might profit from the QoL changes and gets played even more and longer to make some progression.

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