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LoL Perma-Bans: The Champions The Community Hatest Most

Champions 01-08-2023 16:00
Arcanist Shaco
Please Rito get rid of these champions! | © Riot Games

Some League of Legends champion are just no fun to play against. Especially in the brand-new Arena game mode, some duos are awful and players are realizing just how toxic some champions can be. That begs the question, which are the perma-ban champions for most players? 

While some champions are easy to deal with, others might not be the strongest meta champions, but they're just annoying. So one person on Reddit asked the community who their perma-ban champion are and well... the answers are what you thought they would be. 

LoL Perma-Bans: These Champions Get Banned By The Community

Some League of Legends champion kits are just meant to frustrate you. Filled with invisibility, invulnerability and other annoying factors, they gain a lot of attention from the community, but not for their high skilled play, but because they're going to be banned often. 

Support players will often ban out champions like Thresh and Pyke. Why? Well obviously it's their aesthetic. Jokes aside, their ability to hook immobile champions is probably what has them off the table. 

Pyke is a very mobile assassin support, while Thresh is a tanky boy that will be hard to get away from once he's hooked you in and used his Flay at the right time. If you're a Soraka main then it's light's out, so these are pretty easy bans to understand. 

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Of course, a few pretty obvious names also made their way into the Reddit thread, with the top comment being none other than Veigar, but not for the reason one might believe. While his abilities and infinite stacking are annoying and awful to go up against, it seems that the Reddit user believes his teammates lose IQ whenever Veigar puts his cage down. 

Veigar because whenever that cage comes down my team's decision making demotes like 2 whole ranks

Shaco, Illaoi and Neeko were also some of the champions named amongst the perma-ban list for players, but which champions are the actual most banned? 

Banned Champions: The Statistics

Zed gallery
Mid Laners hate him! | © Riot Games

While there are a lot of answers and different champions that get perma-banned by players, there are also interesting statistics. While we do have to take into consideration from which patch the stats are though. 

According to League of Graphs, the most banned champion in Plat+ is none other than Naafiri. Surprising? Not at all. She was just released and players hate to either play against, or have their teammates first-time a new champion in ranked. 

Second on the list is Zed, which is not a surprise at all. Throughout all of Season 13 he's been hovering around the 30% ban rate mark and it seems that in LoL Patch 13.14 it's almost 40% even. 

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Kai'Sa who is undoubtedly the best bot laner right now is also very high up on the list with a 32% ban rate followed shortly by Aatrox in the top lane and Samira in the bot lane. 

The most banned supports? Blitzcrank and Morgana. 

Most of these picks come as no surprise with them being either very strong meta picks, or just annoying to face. Let's be real Morgana is not the strongest support and yet players just hate going up against her. So, which champions do you perma-ban?

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