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LoL High Noon 2024 Event: Everything You Need To Know

News 15-03-2024 11:23

With the new High Noon Skins we are also getting a High Noon Pass Event in Patch 14.6. Here is everything we know about it!

High Noon Gragas
Riot, Take my money. | © Riot Games

It's time for another Event and this time it is High Noon. We will be getting a Prestige skin with this and even a new Mythic Variant. Personally, I love the High Noon skins and these are absolutely amazing again.

So, let's go over everything we know about High Noon 2024, like the rewards, start and end dates, as well as the skins you can pick up.

The High Noon Skins will be available on the 21 March. 

High Noon 2024: Pass & Bundle

High Noon Yone
I love the wild west. | © Riot Games

As per usual there will be three different bundles. These have been the same for the last few events so nothing is changing. You can either get the cheapest variant for the pass itself or upgrade to the Bundle or Premium Pass Bundle for extra rewards.

Event PassPriceIncludes
High Noon 2024 Pass

1650 RP

  • 200 Tokens
  • 4 High Noon Orbs
  • Unlocking Premium High Noon 2024 Pass
High Noon 2024 Pass Bundle2650 RP
  • 200 Tokens
  • 4 High Noon Orbs
  • Unlocking Premium High Noon 2024 Pass
  • Evelynn
  • High Noon Evelynn
  • High Noon Evelynn Border Icon & Border
High Noon 2024 Premium Pass Bundle

3650 RP

  • 200 Tokens
  • 4 High Noon Orbs
  • Unlocking Premium High Noon 2024 Pass
  • Evelynn
  • High Noon Evelynn
  • High Noon Evelynn Border Icon & Border
  • High Noon Evelynn Chroma
  • High Noon Emote

High Noon Event Track: Your Free To Play Rewards

High Noon Rell
Rell is finally getting a new skin! | © Riot Games

The High Noon Event pass comes with loads of rewards. Most of them are locked behind purchasing the premium pass, but there are also some free rewards up for grabs. Each Milestone takes 400 LoL Event XP to unlock.

260 Tokens

High Noon 2024 Brand Icon

1060 Tokens
12Hextech Key
16Random Ward Skin Permanent
2060 Tokens
22High Noon 2024 Orb
3060 TokensEternals Series 1 Capsule
4060 Tokens

We dont know anything about the missions for the High Noon event yet, but we will update this post as soon as we do! They most likely take the approach of previous passes.

To see all the Pass Rewards check out SkinSpotlights Twitter/X post here:

Unfortunately it looks like they have nerfed the Event Pass once again. With the previous passes they have already removed valuable goods in exchange for Titles or Banners but we dont have any of these in the High Noon Pass. Apparently we are not getting back the Grab Bags though. But at least we are getting a High Noon Capsule to gamble for the $200 Yone Skin! That has to be worth it…I guess.

High Noon Event Store Rewards

High Noon Eve
Oh lord have mercy. | © Riot Games

After grinding out the High Noon Pass you can spend all your tokens on some sweet new wild west inspired cosmetics. While we dont know the specific names of anything we have a rough guess as most of these rewards stay the same.

As per usual, you can grab the Prestige Skin, Mythic Essence and/or some sweet Borders and Chromas.

2,200 Tokens125 Mythic Essence + Icon
2000 TokensPrestige High Noon Evelynn
300 Tokens

Exclusive High Noon Event Chroma

250 TokensExclusive High Noon Event Border
200 TokensHigh Noon 2024 Orb

High Noon Start & End Date

Peacemaker high noon yone splashart
This skin is so cool! If only it wasnt 200 Bucks. | © Riot Games

The High Noon 2024 Event is starting with Patch 14.6.

The event is going to end on April 23, 2024 with players still able to cash out their Tokens until April 29, 2024.

Im a huge fan of the skins and events themselves but I dont understand why Riot keeps on nerfing the Passes and keeps on releasing $200 Mythic Variants. Well, I know why but it just doesnt make sense. Anyway, you will catch me on the Rift with the new Gragas skin!

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