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LoL: Is Quickplay A Failure?

News 16-02-2024 15:42

Quickplay has replaced Blindpick in the end of 2023 but how does is still stand up?

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Quickplay has been around for a few months now and there are a lot of people playing it. But the community has also voiced some concerns about the game mode.

LoL: Who Is Quickplay For?

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There have been multiple Reddit threads complaining about the mode. One user mentioned that he understands that priority roles are a thing, but he would like to pick the same champion in multiple roles. Some commenters also mentioned that it still does not actually save the runes and summoner spells that you select. 

And that's all even before the game starts.


Other users have pointed out that up to 90% of their Quickplay games get surrendered. Since you can surrender with 3 yes votes in Quickplay the games are over relatively quick after a losing team fight or general toxicity. While there are some people who generally don't play the game mode anymore there are multiple users that really like the 3-2 surrendering structure. 

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Quickplay is not what players envisioned. | © Riot Games

Especially with all the off meta picks the game can be really unfun really quickly and players want to get out as soon as possible.

Quickplay works for a very special target audience that is either 5 friends or people with very little time. It is not meant for people who actually want to think and take it seriously. If you want to have a chill time after work playing your favourite champion then it's the obvious choice. 

If it feels like a failure to you, then you are not the target audience. Maybe you enjoy drafts and gameplay with a little more nuance to it.

It's a mode that is carefree and quick. There are no consequences for playing something that you want. And it works great for that. 

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