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LoL: It's About Time Riot Nerfs Fiora Again

News 15-02-2024 11:24

Fiora has not only been the bane of my existence but also of most other top laners. And it seems that however broken she is, she rarely gets nerfed. Riot, let's change that, please.

Top Lane Fiora Header
I hate her! But she has some nice skins. | © Riot Games

Fiora has felt like one of the strongest top laners in the game for the last year. Every patch I was praying and hoping that she finally gets nerfed, but those days never came. Her last real nerf was in patch 13.1 where they nerfed the ad ratio on her passive.

It's been over one year now where Fiora was S tier in every single patch. She has over a 51% winrate in every single patch and while she is definitely one of the harder champions to pilot perfectly, this just isn't an acceptable game state for her. 

LoL: What Makes Fiora So Strong?

Fiora Dragonmancer
Hopefully some nerfs in Season 14! | © Riot Games

Fiora was a great top laner in season 13. She had great items to build and a lot of favorable matchups. Divine Sunderer paired with Ravenous Hydra meant infinite wave clear as well as great poke and sustain through her Q's.

She would win most matchups with Grasp of the Undying which allowed her to be relatively safe in lane but scale up even stronger into the late game due to her high health. 

Even if you were able to beat Fiora in the early game she would inevitably outscale you. Her split push powers combined with her whole kit made her a menace in the side lane as she could 1 vs 1 you at any stage due to her ult and passive. She had permanent max health scaling true damage that also gave her movement speed. Just thinking about it makes me furious!

Fiora was just a really good fit into the season 13 meta, and it appears that it will stay like this for the entirety of season 14 if Riot doesn't do anything about it. She could always abuse Divine Sunderer and Ravenous Hydra for her relatively “weak” early game and then finish off strong with Hullbreaker, Death's Dance and Guardian Angel for a lot of tankyness.

Top Laner Fiora
Fiora has a lot of item variety. | © Riot Games

In Season 14 her build changes quite a bit but stays the same thematically. The new Ravenous Hydra is still a great wave clearing tool and gives great sustain as well. Now she can even build Trinity Force and get a Sundered Sky afterwards for even more damage than she did in Season 13. 

At least Riot has finally acknowledged Fiora's position as they have prepared a nerf for patch 14.4. They have decided to reduce the attack speed slow after getting hit by Fiora W. This isn't a major change or nerf, but it feels good that they at least tried. I'm praying for more to come. They can't let Fiora be in this state for more than a whole year.

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