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LoL: Karmine Corp's Rough Start Into LEC

News 26-01-2024 18:48

Karmine Corp has just recently joined the LEC as of 2024. The French Organization bought one of the slots but has previously played in the LFL. The roster has some good players but there are still a lot of problems.

Karmine Corps Roster
KarmineCorp has previously won the LFL. | © Riot Games

Karmine Corp has a pretty rough start to their first year of LEC. The French Org is currently 0-6 and to be honest, it's not looking like they will bounce back anytime soon. The Roster currently consists of:

Top LanerCabochard
Mid LanerSaken
Bot LanerUpset

LoL: Problems Of KarmineCorp

Vitality BO
Bo used to play for Vitality. | © Riot Games

Experts are claiming that KC has two important issues, Communication and Coaching. As the games and the communications are being recorded, we can actually see this issues first hand. Bo and Upset are doing the majority of the calls. 

This is nothing unusual, but it's not optimal that Targamas is almost not contributing to the communication at all. Saken is questioning a majority of the calls, but he himself does not have the same experience as Bo and Upset. Cabochard is just playing on his top lane island. 

The quality of players can be disagreed on, but Bo and Upset are trying their absolute hardest to carry. Personally, Im not a huge fan of the Top and Support player.

Another point that everybody is bringing up is the coaching staff. 

People are joking around that Yamato is just posting motivational speeches and pictures on Twitter/X while the team is unprepared for drafts. In actuality, the teams are having pretty decent drafts but lacks the knowledge to execute them properly. There is a lot of pressure on the team, and it's never easy to bounce back from such a start, and with the continuous pressure from the KC fans (the most obnoxious fanbase in the LEC) it certainly doesnt get easier.

What do you think? Can KC bounce back?

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