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LoL: These Wintrading Pros Are Exceptionally Bad At Losing

News 26-01-2024 17:56

League of Legends has a huge problem that it shares in common with other sports. Sports betting. This issue is especially common in China, where players engage in so-called “win trading”. But now there are even cases in EU.

What a suspicious Jayce performance from Odin. | © Riot Games

Win trading is when a team or members of a team try to lose on purpose to make sure that the money from eSports bettors goes to the right wallet.

Especially Chinese professional players get caught regularly and have to face harsh consequences. Now it has happened in the EU as well.

LoL: Two Pros Too Good To Lose On Purpose

Lee Sin 11
The Lee sin was playing really weird. | © Riot Games

On January 23 in the game between ESCA Gaming and Iron Wolves in the polish Ultraliga two players have acted very suspiciously. The Jungler Wen “Kylin” Zheng and the mid laner Shuai “Odin” Wang played normally until about 15 minutes into the match. At that point, their team had a 6k gold lead.

Then things took an interesting turn. Suddenly, Odin and Kylin, who were playing really mechanically intensive champions, Jayce and Lee Sin completely stopped hitting their opponents. They were also not finishing objectives and actively resetting them to stop the rest of the team as well. Remember, these are challenger players who should know better. They are actively training and competing to be the best of the best, and suddenly they screw up the basics?

Kylin ended the game with a score of 3/9/6 and Odin with 3/8/9, but their team still managed to win. The super-fed top laner found a moment when his opponents were unaware and went for a backdoor. After the game, suspicions arose and the two players were investigated. Almost immediately, a Reddit thread was created and evidence was gathered.

Kylin and Odin were banned from the Ultraliga for 2 games and therefore the Iron Wolves cannot play the next few games as they have no one to replace them. This 2-game punishment is the maximum that the Ultraliga can give, but it guarantees that Riot Games will punish them as well.

Personally, I am just happy that Gwen managed to win the game despite the trolls, because the player was out of his mind.

What do you think the punishment should be?

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