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LoL: LEC Doomed After Key Broadcast Members Laid Off

News 26-01-2024 14:41

The LEC is back online in Season 2024. The Season has officially started and we have already seen some games! With the recent layoff news it might change how we see the games though as some observers were let go.

The LEC is back! | © Riot Games

The LEC is known for its insane production. The writers and producers have been amazing, and the observers always knew where to look in the game.

While it's also known for its many pauses, the engineers have always worked hard to make sure that everything works out eventually. Unfortunately, with the recent Riot Games Layoffs, the LEC was also impacted. Apparently they fired a lot of important employees that kept the show running for years.

LoL: LEC Affected By Layoffs

LEC Casters 0903
The fantastic LEC Crew. | © Riot Games

The ex-caster and prominent League Community Member MonteCristo shared on Twitter/X that LEC production will be a disaster. 

He mentions that the lay-offs have affected all but one observer and most if not all writers, producers, and engineers. This means that they won't be able to follow the plays in game and in the replays efficiently. Segments between the games will also suffer and if anything breaks there are no engineers to fix it.

The event host Sjokz has also confirmed that the broadcast will be a bit more “bare bones”. 

Sjokz is an amazing host and the other talent on stage is also amazing, so I'm sure they will be able to make the LEC fun, but it will be a bit slower I assume.

It sucks to see that such amazing projects as LEC Production are impacted by such lay-offs. Especially in a Season where the LEC has already broken a viewer record.

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