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LoL: KarmineCorp Replace Head Coach YamatoCannon, Fans Are Mad

News 06-02-2024 18:07

KarmineCorp had a rough start to their first year in the LEC going 2.7. Now the Org has taken action, but it's not a step that the fans are happy with.

KC has previously won the LFL. | © Riot Games

KarmineCorp has joined the LEC for Season 2024 with some pretty well known names on the roster. Jungle superstar Bo and the German ADC talent Upset made the team really interesting. 

The team previously played in the LFL and as such they took their members Cabochard and Saken with them into the LEC. The support Targamas has been playing in the LEC before but failed to make a name for himself. 

KarmineCorp hired YamatoCannon as a coach, which a lot of fans founds very good because he has always been at the top of esports in Europe. 

LoL: KarmineCorp Is Benching Their Coach

Yamatocannon 1

The Organization shared an official statement on Twitter/X with news about their coaching situation. 

The coach that was present during their victories in the LFL, Rehareha “Reha” Ramanana will be appointed head coach and the staff that is already present will support him. Yamato will be placed on the bench until talks with him and his manager to determine his future. 

They also thank their fans for the massive amount of success and will keep striving for better results.

Well, KC is known to have a very stubborn french fan base, but every international fan and even pro players are speaking out against this change. YamatoCannon's position as a coach was to ensure the team's drafts were going well and that the inner structures work. He did all that. The team's drafts were good and very winnable, but unfortunately the team could not pull through with them.

Since KC is also uploading their voice comms on YouTube people have tried to figure out what goes wrong in the game. They have determined that the support Targamas is not vocal enough and that top and mid lane are just lackluster players. 

He does not deserve this. | © Riot Games

People have already speculated that things would change and even rumored that the team would put the blame on the non-french coach before the players, but actually benching Yamato is a criminal mistake. 

It's obvious the team hasn't played together for a long time and blaming the defeats of 3 weeks of best-of-one's on him is just unfair.

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