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LoL: Meet The Player Who Climbed To Masters In The Most Unconventional Way

News 21-08-2023 15:45
Blue Cho Gath to Master
League of Legends Ranked Split 1: This Cho'Gath player has restricted himself in a unique way. | © Riot Games, edited by RiftFeed

When it comes to climbing in League of Legends, many players are bringing unique strategies to their Ranked games. However, this player certainly brought a creative twist to his games – and the results speak for themselves.

What is the most creative way you have ever managed to climb to your desired rank with? Have you played Rengar and Ivern with a friend? Have you simply abused an oppressive bot lane combo like Samira and Rell? Or are you one of those bullies ganking mid lane on level 2 each game with Twitch jungle? Or have you restricted the items you get to buy, like this Cho'Gath player?

Some elite level players have also taken it upon themselves to make the climb more of a challenge for themselves. Former Fnatic and Astralis mid laner Felix 'MagiFelix' Boström is one of them – he has hit Challenger in Season 2023 Split 1 by only picking each champion once! 

However, there is one other player who has come up with another unique way to climb – and he has managed to be successful with it too!

League of Legends: The Player Who Climbed To Masters With "Blue Cho'Gath"

Broken Covenant Cho Gath
Unfortunately, this skin is not blue. It is prettier than Loch Ness Cho'Gath, an actual blue skin, though, so we are sparing you from mental distress by using it anyway. | © Riot Games

The player 'GigaChod' has managed to climb to Master rank on the EUW server by only playing Cho'Gath with blue runes, items and summoner spells. And yes, by blue we mean the item color and not any kind of functionality or item class. 

While having more than enough rune choices in the Sorcery and Inspiration tree, they usually stuck to First Strike, with the occasional Arcane Comet in difficult matchups. You may argue that Unsealed Spellbook is off the table, as it would require you to pick up non-blue summoner spells every now and then.

With summoner spells, they were restricted to Ghost and Cleanse because there are no other blue summoner spells available on Summoner's Rift. Does anyone remember Clairvoyance?

Their item build had at least some degree of variation. While Everfrost was their mythic item to go, their next choices would change on matchups and enemy team composition. They would often build Frozen Heart into physical damage heavy teams, Force of Nature into magic damage heavy teams and sometimes even Muramana into melee opponents! At least some non-blue items were allowed if they built into a blue item.

Obviously, the choice of trinket was important too. Farsight Alteration is the only blue trinket in the game, so it was an easy choice for them.

With this strategy, GigaChod managed to climb to Masters with a 57% win rate and a 3.51 KDA in 116 games. Fittingly, however, they committed to the blue Cho'Gath to the extend that they decayed to end the Ranked split on Diamond 1 instead of Masters. If that is not dedication to the cause, we are not sure what is!

So far, GigaChod has not played another Ranked game on this account. We are eager to see if they return at a later point in time.

Which climbing strategy is the craziest strategy you have ever seen?

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