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It's Time For NA Streamers To Redeem Themselves!

LoL: NA Invades EUW – How Do The NA Players Perform?

News 14-04-2023 17:00
Debonair Draven Skin
LoL Players from NA are invading EUW! | © Riot Games

It seems like League of Legends isn't competitive enough after all! At least that's what it looks like with some of the best streamers from NA deciding to play on the EUW server... not like there isn't enough pressure when playing LoL right? 

Will they finally be able to prove that the NA region also has some skilled players to offer? Or will the assumption of EUW being more prestigious finally get proven right by this NA invasion?

LoL EUW Solo Queue Race: Ready, Steady, GO!

Most of the participants names will probably sound familiar to all of you, since some of them managed to prove themselves over and over again by hitting the highest ranks LoL has to offer for several seasons in a row. 

For the last four weeks, viewers could enjoy some amazing wins and devastating loses over the course of the race and witness Solo Queue adventures in 16 different perspectives, as if your own one isn't be tilting enough…  

NA Invades EUW: Week Four Standings

Beginning Of Week four:

With week four slowly coming to an end, we've almost reached the one-month mark and it's time to take a closer look at how our participants are performing in this unknown territory that is the EUW server! Just for the sake of comparability, we should take a glimpse at the results from one week ago: 

NA invades EUW start week 4 standings
NA invades EUW race: start of week 4 standings! | © Trackdiff

As you can see, there is already a huge gap between our first and last places. But be careful and don't judge too early. It's important to keep their over all games played in mind! Win rate wise, only one of the competitors seemed to stand out at this point, being TF Blade with 72% win rate at the beginning of week four. However, that is just his smurf account, since his first one got suspended! Everyone else had settled in at a 55-60% win rate. Looks more balanced than the game itself!

End Of Week four:

Note: The Challenger cut off sits around 900 League Points (LP) at this point.

Let's look at the most notable changes in detail!:

V1per seemed to have another good week and made huge progress in the course of the last few days. He is sitting at 1409 LP, which means he is still defending his first place within the race. 

  • His EUW ladder rank: 23

Lourlo did not just hit the 1K LP mark, he also passed Drututt on his way up on the scoreboard, making him sit in second place of the race with 1101 LP.

  • His EUW ladder rank: 134

Drututt however did not have as a good time as some of his competitors! He is currently rank three in the race with 1088 LP.

  • His EUW ladder rank: 143

Solarbacca has reached a new peak of 996 LP and has made it to Challenger playing on 90 ping. He passed many others on his way, which has earned him rank four in the race!

  • His EUW ladder rank: 253

TF Blade is still going strong on this smurf account, since his first one got suspended. He keeps his fifth place with 862 LP, being our highest Grandmaster player at the moment.

  • His EUW ladder rank: 523

But what happened to Dantes? He dropped from 785 LP to 655 LP making him 8th place right now. Looks like someone had a rough couple of games. 

  • His EUW ladder rank: 1180

Karasmai gained an incredible 4 LP since the start of the week, which puts him with 703 LP in 7th place! 

  • His EUW ladder rank: 1034

Humzh made one of the biggest jumps this last week, being now at 626 LP and climbing up to the 6th place! 

  • His EUW ladder rank: 997

Everyone else stayed more or less in the same place, at least LP wise. Nightblue3, Sanchovies & Yassuo were really inactive or didn't play at all the last few days, which is why they are falling behind. 

NA invades EUW end of week 4
NA invades EUW race: end of week 4 standings! | © Trackdiff

Who will make it out alive in the end? Well, maybe I am exaggerating a little, but it will be quite interesting to keep following their progress or their downfalls in the course of the NA invades EUW race! We will keep you up-to-date!