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This play is just way too OP.

League of Legends Pro Player Uses Emotes In 1000 IQ Plays

Esports 13-04-2023 12:55
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League of Legends: Who knew that emotes could be so useful? | © Riot Games

Emotes in League of Legends are often merely used to tick off the enemy team and to try and tilt them. They can also be used to communicate with one's own team, but one League of Legends pro has figured out a way to use emotes in a way unlike anyone else. 

When OMG faced off against Top Esports in the LPL Spring playoffs, OMG's jungler Mao "Aki" An had the 1000 IQ play ready. Who knew emotes could actually be useful, eh? 

League of Legends Pro Baits Out Vision With Emotes

The LPL playoffs have almost come to an end. JDG and BiliBili Gaming are set to face off on April 15, 2023 to find out which team will qualify for the Bracket Stage and which team will have to compete in the Play-In Stage at the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational in London, England. 

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But before BiliBili Gaming and JDG there was the epic battle of the second playoff round between Top Esports and OMG. Much to everyone's surprise OMG took the series 3-2 and one thing most fans noticed throughout the match was jungler Aki continuously using emotes. 

At first no one understood what the player had been doing, but he was actually trying to figure out whether he was on vision. 

Basically, Aki knew that Top Esports top laner Huang "Wayward" Ren-Xing is someone who will automatically 'emote back' and just be a bit silly in the top lane. Aki used this knowledge to his advantage and whenever he was getting ready to gank would emote from the fog-of-war. 

If Wayward would also pull up an emote, then Aki knew that he had been spotted. This single tell from Wayward meant that OMG always had the upper hand in terms of knowledge. Vision is a key element in League of Legends, with the element of surprise being a key component to a successful gank. 

Reddit picked up on this and most fans think that this strat should be implemented by players in solo queue as well. It's basically second nature for most to also emote back at someone, so it's a simple and funny way to give over some information... without meaning to at times, much like Wayward did who on instinct always used an emote back. 

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