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LoL Naafiri - New Darkin Champion is Bigger Than You Think

News 26-06-2023 00:45
Naafiri trailer screenshot

When they find themselves on the Summoner's Rift, all League of Legends champions are roughly the same size, within a meter of each other. It is purely due to practical purposes that they are scaled that way.

After all, how would a Malphite look facing off against a Teemo in lane, due to their size disparity? The Darkin champions, however, are not as uniform as the other species, in looks and in size due to their peculiar biology. So, how big is Naafiri?


Naafiri Height

When it comes to the Darkin champions, the biggest by far is Aatrox, with a height of 22 feet, and even bigger in his World Ender form, which increases his size, and gives him wings made of blood magic.

However, Varus, on the other hand, is 5'7, the average size of humans on Runeterra, as he was made of Valmar and Kai. Seeing as Naafiri is possessing a pack of hounds, we would expect her to be the size of a Shuriman desert hound, and the African hounds that inspired those are not very big, perhaps a bit bigger.

On the contrary, as Riot Raptorr informed us recently in a Twitter post, her actual size is around 7 feet tall when standing on all four feet, up to her shoulders. Add in her head, and it's even bigger.

The only in-game footage we had of Naafiri was her showing her abilities, and due to the angle in that footage, it would appear that her in-game model as seen there is a bit on the small side.

She is bigger than even the northern American wolves, which are the biggest of all canine species. So we can definitely see a pack of these tearing most League of Legends champions apart, especially the city types.

Who are the Biggest Champions in LoL

League of Legends champions range from the smallest of Yordles, to the biggest entities in existence, metaphysical and otherwise. The extremely dangerous Darkin don't even come close to some of these creatures.

  • Nautilus - The titan of the depths created by Nagakabouros, said to wade the seas instead of swimming them
  • Freljordian demigods - Creatures whose actual size is unknown, but ranges anywhere from 9 to 30 metres
  • Cho'Gath - Voidling who gains size by consuming the material realm, with no limit on growth
  • Malphite - A shard of a sentient fortress, that has fused with the surrounding mountains and has grown to the size of the mountains himself
  • Aurelion Sol - Creator of stars, the biggest of all Celestials

Of course, size doesn't mean everything in League of Legends, as even Aurelion Sol was enslaved, but damn if it's not intimidating. Though to be fair, Teemo is one of the smallest LoL champions, and he is widely feared by anyone that knows of his existence.

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