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Finally! Finally Riot makes our wishes come true

LoL: Netflix Series Arcane Leaks & Release Date

News 26-09-2021 17:13
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Arcane is coming and we're ready! | © Riot Games

We have waited a long time. Now it's finally here. The LoL Arcane Netflix trailer. All info about the series, release date and leaks here! The League of Legends universe has expanded much further than Summoner's Rift or the Howling Abyss. We have multiple games, multiple AU's in the form of skins, and now we're getting the final big boss: the Show. Yup, it's confirmed the LoL show of our dreams - Arcane - will be coming to Netflix soon. Find all the information here.

 has already been announced previously. During the 10-year Riot Games' anniversary, we got a few glimpses of what we could expect from the series, but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Riot's exclusive series had to be delayed. Now, Netflix confirmed that the series hasn't been forgotten. In the short trailer, which was released yesterday, we've got millisecond glimpses of some characters interacting and fighting.

When Will Arcane be Released?

The Netflix Series is scheduled for November 6, 2021.

A brand new trailer was just released by Riot Games revealing what and who the story is going to be about. Of course, we already knew about Jinx and Vi, but many more characters have been introduced since the beginning. 

We can't wait for November. The champions and characters in the League of Legends universe are so unique and interesting that we've been dreaming of a show since 2014. 

What Legendary Story tells Arcane?

Arcane will be telling the background story of Vi and Jinx and how their friendship developed and eventually got shattered. Of course, these two won't be the only champions making an appearance in the series.

In a second trailer for the Netflix show, we get a glimpse into a grown-up Jinx and how she is slowly becoming mad and kills a crow...Not anyone's crow, but Swains!

For those of you who aren't in the know-how, Swain used to roam Summoner's Rift with a crow on his shoulder. That was before his rework in 2018 and the crow was lovingly named Beatrice. Does this unjust killing of a crow – maybe Beatrice – in the Arcane trailer mean we will have some sort of Swain interactions within the Netflix Series? Who knows.

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Riot released a Dev Diaries video in which they explain why they chose Jinx and Vi as their main characters for the Netflix show Arcane. These sisters couldn't be more different from one another and thus butt heads quite often. Relatable, isn't it? Also, Jinx and Vi are two of the most well-known and beloved characters from League of Legends, making them the perfect fit for this Netflix show.

We're super hyped to see, what we are shown and what we can learn about our beloved LoL universe and the champions. Hopefully the Arcane will be as good as we suspect so far. We've been hoping and waiting for something like this for so long, and after the failure of the storytelling of the Sentinels event, a strong piece of lore would be just the thing.

Weibo Reveals more Arcane Details

League of Legends Weibo reveiled more details about the story of Arcane were young Jinx and Vi sit on a rooftop looking down at Piltover and have a little chat. The scene has people getting even more excited for the upcoming Netflix series. Hopefully it can make up for the sentinels event lore disaster.

You love LoL lore as much as we do? we might have just the right pieces for you, then!

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