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LoL: New April Fools Event 2024 - Everything You Need To Know

News 02-04-2024 17:07

April Fools is back and better than ever! Here is everything you need to know about the short event in League of Legends.

Durian Defender Rammus
April Fools is back! | © Riot Games

It is time for Riots annual April Fools' joke where they turn Summoners Rift into their prank event for a few days! If you are bored from Ranked or the current One For All game mode check out this new mode that will only be available for a limited time.

As per usual this only affects normal games, but it is a pretty large change to how the game usually plays. It's better to be prepared for the fun new game mode!

All Changes To Summoners Rift In The April Fools Event

Urgot skin lol april fools
This was still the ultimate April Fools joke. | © Riot Games

Most of these changes have already been in other game modes or even in a different game. Riot loves to take Assets from other modes and mix them together for a fun experience.

1. Cappa Juice is back!

We all know that funny potion from the Arena game mode. You can now start stacking hats in Summoners Rift.

2. Battle Sled

You can start your adventure on Summoners Rift from the old reliable Scuttle Train that we all know and love from Nexus Blitz.

3. Pokémon?! 

There are quite a few bushes on the Rift, but now they have something more special about them. If you see a sparkling bush you can throw an egg missile at it and capture a Poké… I mean Little Legend. The fun critters from TFT have made it onto the Rift and you can collect six of them before getting a special buff.

4. Revives

I know a great gamer like you doesn't usually die in his League of Legends game, but you might need to try it at least once to see the brand new revive mini-game. While dead your abilities will be replaced with Revive spells, and you need to press them in the right order to revive.

5. CS Tracker

League of minions
Finally. They speak. | © Riot Games

Riot will now track how many Minions you last hit in a row and will even flame you if you mess it up! Better start concentrating. This will be really hard since Minions have also got new Voice lines when killed but I really dont want to spoil these for you.

In addition to new voice lines we also got a few more loading screen tips and just in general a few funny community memes sprinkled around everywhere.

Are you going to try the April Fools game mode? My friends and I often have a blast in them.

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