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LoL: Rioters Are Not Allowed To Make Money Streaming Riot Games

News 29-03-2024 12:00

Riot is doing this against their employees? 

TFT developers are also affected. | © Riot Games

Usually Riot has some very nice policies for their employees. For example during the huge lay-off in the start of 2024, affected employees got very generous severance bonuses. 

Riot is one of the employers where employees want to work at the most and many dream of the opportunity. But recent news show that Riot has apparently set up a rule that could hurt some famous Rioters tremendously.

No More TFT Streams?

Withered Rose Zeri
August talks a lot about the champions he designed. | © Riot Games

Spideraxe30 has shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) that Riot has a new policy now.

Rioters who want to stream in their free time will not be able to monetize their streams if they are playing games published by Riot Games. 

This will hit two certain Rioters very hard. Riot August has been streaming League of Legends for quite a while now and regularly gives his insights on champion development or balance issues. He is like a voice of reason towards many ideas the community has about the development behind the game.

The TFT Developer Mortdog has also been regularly streaming TFT. He hosts tournaments and in general also gives insight about the development of the game mode.

Nobody is really happy about this policy change because it could mean that the viewers lose some valuable insight into our favorite games.

On the other hand there are multiple potential reasons why Riot could be doing this.

There could be potential legality issues when August or Mortdog take in viewer submissions for future champions or TFT sets. The creative input of the viewer would make for a small suing ground and I suppose Riot just does not want to handle this.

Another reason could be that the streamers could jumpstart their streaming career with their affiliation towards Riot Games. We have seen this before with the famous streamer Blau(Blaustoise) who was a previous Riot employee. 

While these new policy changes certainly will stop some Rioters streaming the game, it really accomplishes nothing because all of this could be happening in demonetized streams as well. 

It will be interesting to see if we will still get some streams because for August and Mortdog it seems to be a passion project anyway.

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