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LoL Patch 13.24 Adds New Surrender Feature - Hotfix Incoming

News 06-12-2023 16:52

If a League of Legends game doesn't turn out well, you always have the option to surrender the game. This is to save time or just spare yourself of a bad experience. But the new patch went a bit too far with early surrenders.

Garen Cho Gath Fight
Games are over before they even start. | © Riot Games

Vandiril, who's a specialist about all problems and things wrong in League of Legends, talked about a big new bug.

League of Legends Surrendering Can Be Done REALLY Early Now

There's a new way to surrender the game early, even right at the start, with just one person approving the surrender vote. This was supposed to be a PBE feature, and should never have ended up on the live server. And with Riot Games being the big publisher that they are, this mistake shouldn't happen, right?

It did. Vandiril has already posted a new YouTube video about and talked about it on X/Twitter.

This new way of surrendering the game obviously isn't supposed to happen, especially in serious matches. Some players are using it to gain LP without even actually playing.

Usually, you can only surrender a game if someone left or if it's been 15 minutes and everyone agrees. You need at least two people to say “yes” for it to work. If the surrender happens, the team that wanted to surrender loses.

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Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends, realized this is causing problems and turned it off on some live servers. We hope this is to hotfix it.  This makes people wonder why they test things on the PBE server, if they still end up on the live server.

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