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When Does LoL Season 13 End?

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This year Riot has made some major changes to the ranked system and the season in League of Legends. So when does the LoL Seaosn 13 actually end? 

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LoL Season 13: When will the final split of this season end? | © Riot Games

Throughout Season 13, the Riot Games team for LoL ranked has made quite a lot of changes. This year, promotion series were removed and instead of one single year-long split the season has been cut into three portions. 

With all these adjustments, some League of Legends players might be confused when the preseason starts and when they can get their hands on the final ranked rewards of LoL Season 13, right?

LoL Season 13: End Date Of League of Legends Ranked Season

LoL Season 13 is going to end on January 3, 2024. Yes, there will be no real "off-season" this year for all of you who want to grind ranked as much as possible. LoL Season 13 is going to wrap up and right after the next League of Legends season will kick off – hopefully this time with a decent season start cinematic

This will also mean that Riot is not going to bring the preseason live ahead of the start of the actual ranked season. The reason? To keep things fair between players who grind preseason content and those who don't. 

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Season 13 will go into 2024! | © Riot Games
This change also starts everyone on the same page at the beginning of the year. One of the side effects of Preseason is that when January rolls around, some players have already gotten a handle on the new changes while others are experiencing them for the first time.

So, this year the preseason changes will only be tested on the Public Beta Environment and then they will go live with LoL Patch 14.1 which is set to come out on January 9, 2024. 

This also means that there is only a week between the end of LoL Season 13 and the start of Season 14. 

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