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LoL Patch 14.5: Runaan's Is Going To Make Solo Queue Unbearable?

News 26-02-2024 11:56

Runaan's Hurricane has historically been an item that only ranged champions could buy. Riot is planning to make it available for melee champions in patch 14.5. This comes with quite a few new champion interactions and issues.

Master Yi 0
Master Yi will definetly enjoy the Runaan's changes. | © Riot Games

Runaan's Hurricane is an item that is only available for ranged champions. It has a very special effect where with every auto attack you shoot two extra missiles at nearby targets. These trigger on-hit effects and make the item especially strong on Jinx and Ashe. 

Now in Patch 14.5 Riot Games has plan's to make this item available for melee champions. While build variety is always something fun that can improve the game, there was a good reason that Runaan's was not available for melee champs. Some interactions are just not balanced.

LoL Patch 14.5: The Runaan's Hurricane Melee Interactions

Katarina 0
Did we really need more on-hit items for Katarina? | © Riot Games

Some champions have different on-hit effects built into their kit and Runaan's Hurricane will amplify this by spreading it to the closest enemy and proc'ing it again.

Here Are Some Of The “Fun” Interactions That You Will Experience With The New Combo In 14.5.

Master Yi:

Master Yi will instantly get his double-strike after auto attacking once and also get the Q cooldown refund on every single hit meaning that his passive and his Q will have no cooldown if he gets to attack.


Katarina Ult now also works with Runaan's, giving it even more damage to enemies close by.


Shyvana 0
She recently got buffed. Maybe it is time for a comeback? | © Riot Games

Shyvana's Q cooldown refund procs three times now reducing its cooldown so much that she can instantly use it again.

Tryndamere and Renekton:

They get triple the amount of “Fury” stacks.

Gwen and Pantheon:

They gain three auto attack stacks per auto attack. Pantheon can also W a target to get all his stacks back as this counts as auto attacks.


Gangplank no skin
GP does insane damage already. Now imagine if he can proc his true damage passive on everyone in a teamfight. | © Riot Games

This one might be the worst offender, as GP can apply his passive true damage through his Q and his Barrels.

Sejuani and Braum:

They apply their passives to 3 targets nearby, which can be really good on Braum but super unrealistic. Sejuani can also only stun one target even if multiple champions have her E stacked.

Xin Zhao:

Xin Zhao 0
These might be the buffs Xin need. | © Riot Games

Xin gets his healing passive on every autoattack instead of every third.

Some of these interactions require that at least three enemy champions are nearby, so it is kind of situational, but I can already see Master Yi tearing up the lobbies with these changes. There is no way that Riot can reliably balance this for both ranged and melee champions, but I am looking forward to seeing them try.

What do you think about the changes?

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