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The new Prime Gaming Loot ain't it...

LoL: Riot Responds to Community Backlash Over New Prime Gaming Capsule

News 21-03-2023 21:05
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LoL Prime Gaming: The community isn't too happy with these. | © Riot Games

Riot promised to bring back Prime Gaming in 2023, continuing their partnership with Amazon Prime to give players some free loot content, but it seems that some of the updates to the capsule and the loot haven't gone over too well with the community. 

This isn't the first time Riot has changed the content of the capsule, and now the developers have answered fans who spoke out to the changes of upcoming Prime Gaming capsules. 

LoL Prime Gaming Loot: Fans Upset Over New Capsules

Last year, Riot introduced the Prime Gaming loot wherein players could open a Prime Gaming capsule and receive a free skin, as well as some other goodies, like free RP. 

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Halfway through the year the offer changed to less RP, instead players would also receive some mythic essence. At first some players didn't like this, but the community mostly got over the change and started to save for a new Ashen Knight skin. 

This has changed once more, only this time Riot removed the 5 Mythic Essence and instead fans are getting... a ward skin. This has some fans pretty upset, as we can tell by the replies in the announcement tweet of the new Prime Capsules. 

Riot Pupulasers went to Reddit to explain why they made the change. He explained that due to a shift in partnership dynamic, they had to change what was being given out in the monthly capsules. 

He also explained that things could change in the future, since partnerships are fluid and not stagnant with the same people behind them at all times. So there could be an update for the better, or even for worse. 

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