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Why fix something when it can remain broken, I guess?

LoL Season 12 Bugged Champion Abilities

Here I go breaking the game again | © Riot Games

The inclusion of two new Drakes to League of Legends brought about two new maps, Drake Souls and interactions. While one of these two is now removed, they both still have an impact on the bugs we can find in League of Legends season 12.

We're witnesses to a new era of League of Legends mechanics. Where in the past they removed the unnecessary ones such as the dodge stat, now Riot Games seem to be intent on adding as many new ones as possible. The problem stems from the fact that all of these overpowered champion mechanics interact with each other in very unpredictable ways, with Renata Glasc's W Ability, Bailout, being the latest iteration, though Lulu's Pix and Bard's Meeps are not to be underestimated.

What bugs are present in League of Legends Season 12?

3. Lulu's Pix

Lulu's constant fae companion, Pix, is the bread and butter of this League of Legends enchanter support. Hextech Drake found in season 12, or more specifically its portals, make this champion even more overpowered.

Lulu and Pix go on wild adventures | © Riot Games

Upon using a Hexgate, every champion goes untargetable for a period of time, and upon exiting the portal, they can once again be targeted. What Riot didn't account for were familiars such as Pix, who can be targeted by enemy Skillshots after exiting a Hexgate and thus block them for anyone she is orbiting.

2. Bard's Meeps

Where Lulu has a familiar from the very start of the game, Bard collects them as the game progresses. These are called Meeps, and they amplify Bard's auto-attack damage.

The best, actual roaming support, in the game | © Riot Games

Just like Lulu's Pix though, upon using and exiting a Hexgate, they become targetable. As there are far more Meeps around Bard than a singular Pix, catching Bard with a hook becomes nigh impossible.

1. Renata Glasc

Upon Renata Glasc's release, she proved to be a relatively balanced champion, unlike what the entire player base expected. Her W ability, though, shares the same problem Chemtech Drake once did. Should the burn of her W be applied to a champion that can be either untargetable or immune to damage, said champion will not die.

The same thing happens should the only damage taken be from objectives, such as towers or neutral monsters. The bug, of course, is not consistent and doesn't seem to always apply, so perhaps there are certain requirements we are missing. In any case, such a new mechanic was expected to create bugs, so it may take a while for Riot to smooth things out.

On a side note, where Renata's W ability works splendidly is against champions with a reset mechanic such as:

  • Pyke
  • Darius
  • Vex

As their Ultimate abilities rely on enemy champion takedowns to get a reset, Renata's W acts in the same way Guardian Angel does. Even if enemy champions die from the burn, these champions will not have their Ultimates reset.