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LoL Star Doublelift Announces Retirement For Second Time

News 02-12-2023 12:35

Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng is the face of North American League of Legends, but he feels now is the right time to retire, this time for real. 

TSM Doublelift
LoL: Doublelift is retiring. | © Riot Games

This isn't the first time Doublelift has revealed that he will be retiring from professional League of Legends, but this is the first time that he truly means it and will truly retire from the pro-scene. 

In a 15-minute video, he revealed his reasons for retirement, as well as his candid thoughts on the LCS as a region and the future of North American League of Legends and his place within it.

LoL: The Future Of Doublelift

Doublelift 100 Thieves L Cs
Goodbye Doublelift. | © Riot Games

In the video, Doublelift outlined how the first two times he'd "retired" he truly never felt ready to stop playing professionally. He revealed that his first "retirement" was simply a break, while the second time after season 10, he felt like he'd been forced into retirement, even if he wasn't ready to do just that yet. 

So now, years after his debut and after winning multiple LCS titles, he finally feels ready to truly retire and start a new chapter in his life. He stated that his priorities have changed and that while he does regret never winning anything internationally, he is ready to move on and start a family, as well as focus on other projects.

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Doublelift revealed that while he did take a huge pay cut to be able to play professionally in 2023, he did not mind, since he still wanted to be on stage, but with the direction the LCS is taking and the pay cuts teams are taking, he does not think that the league will be able to compete with others in the future, which was one of the big reasons behind his retirement. 

Therefore, Doublelift will be switching to content creation, something which he truly enjoys. He will be streaming himself playing League, as well as hosting watch parties for LCS and international games as well. 

We wish Doublelift all the best in his future and hope to watch some of his co-streams of LCS and Worlds 2024. 

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