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LoL Essence Emporium Returns Soon According To Data Miners

News 30-11-2023 15:20

It's winter and Riot promised players another Blue Essence Emporium before the 2024 LoL season, so it's about time that Riot brings it back, eh? Well it seems that the dates might have been revealed. 

League of legends urfwick warwick skin
LoL Essence Emporium: The winter sale should start soon. | © Riot Games

This year, Riot have brought back the Blue Essence Emporium after a short hiatus. Blue Essence has been sitting in our inventories for quite some time with players, especially those that have every champion already, so this sale is a welcoming sight, since players can finally get rid of some of it. 

Riot have changed some of the tech behind the emporium, making it easier to bring back each year. It was also promised to come back in the winter and with LoL Patch 13.24 being the last patch of the year, we do want to finally spend some BE again. 

LoL Essence Emporium Will Return Soon

Data miner SkinSpotlights, known for revealing some interesting content ahead of time, also revealed that the end date for the upcoming Essence Emporium should be on December 27. This means that we won't be getting a very long Essence Emporium. 

The Blue Essence Emporium will likely be on live servers for about 2 weeks between December 13, and December 27, 2023. Players will be able to purchase chromas, skins like the Urfwick skin, as well as emotes and icons. Finally, you'll get rid of your annoying blue essence in the top right corner of your client. 

The last time Riot had the sale, some players were disappointed in the amount of chromas available, but this time around we are going to get different chroma's for different skins. So make sure you've got enough Blue Essence farmed ahead of the emporium! 

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