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LoL Preseason 2024: All New Jungle Monsters

News 21-11-2023 12:09

In the ever-evolving world of League of Legends, exciting changes are soon to be seen in the Summoner's Rift. From the emergence of Voidgrubs to a revamped Baron Nashor, let's dive into the latest transformations and updates that promise to add a dash of unpredictability to your gaming experience.

Riot Season Changes 2024
The void is playing a way bigger part on Summoner's Rift now|©Riot Games

League of Legends is shaking things up again, and this time it's all about the map and our beloved jungle monsters. Get ready to dive into the latest changes that'll bring some spicy twists to Summoner's Rift.

Meet The New Kids On The Block: Voidgrubs

Void Mites
The void mites are replacing the first herald|©Riot Games

Instead of the first Herald, the Voidgrubs will be taking its place. These creatures, known as Voidborn beasties, will appear in the game to replace the initial Rift Herald and will despawn at the 14-minute mark to allow for the Rift Herald. At the 5-minute mark, three Voidgrubs will spawn, each with its own 4-minute respawn timer, and a maximum of six Voidgrubs can appear in a single game.

When provoked, each Voidgrub will release a swarm of Voidmites to attack their enemies. Defeating Voidgrubs will grant your entire team the Hunger of the Void buff, providing bonus damage over time to structures. The strength of this buff increases based on the number of Voidgrubs your team manages to take down. Additionally, when you defeat 5 or 6 Voidgrubs, you'll also periodically summon 1 or 2 Voidmites, respectively, to assist in damaging structures.

When The Void Takes Over

B Lue and Red
Blue and Red got a new look after 20 minutes|©Riot Games

After 20 minutes, the Void takes over a part of the map and creates the Voidborn Rift Scuttler, the Voidborn Sentinel, and the Voidborn Brambleback. While they are harder to defeat, they offer greater rewards.

If you defeat the Red or Blue Buff, every alive teammate will receive the buff. So no fighting about the buffs anymore!

If you defeat the Scuttle Crab, it will give vision and show enemy wards in a huge area.

The New Rift Herald

Rift Herald New
The Rift Herald got a new look|©Riot Games

Rift Herald is making a grand return with a fresh, Voidgrub-inspired appearance, and it's not just a cosmetic makeover. Now, when you crush the Eye of the Herald, the Rift Herald will emerge as usual, but here's the exciting twist: you or an allied champion can right-click on the Herald and hop aboard, taking control of Shelly and steering her, similar to how Sion's ultimate works.

With this newfound control, you can strategically direct Shelly towards enemy turrets, making her attacks more devastating than if she were charging on her own. But beware, if you collide with an enemy champion during your ride, they will suffer damage and be knocked airborne. The ride doesn't last forever, though—once you crash into terrain or a turret, the champion riding Shelly will be dismounted and return to their regular state. It's an exhilarating twist on the Rift Herald experience!

Baron Gets A Makeover

New Baron
Barons new Makeup and the Tunnel Pit|©Riot Games

Baron Nashor decided it needed a makeover too. Baron now has two new forms and spawns as one of the three forms at 20 minutes.

The forms are:

  • Hunting Baron (Base pit): This Pit is just the same as before.
  • Territorial Baron (Wall pit): In this Pit, access to Baron is made more difficult, and vision is denied.
  • All-Seeing Baron (Tunnel pit): Here, the Pit's area is altered, with a new entrance added.

The Baron buff itself stays the same no matter which Baron you're facing. So, no need to stress about the buff changing—it's all about adapting to the pit dynamics.

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