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LoL: The Return Of Crit ADC's

News 06-04-2024 12:00

The meta has shifted and Crit ADC's are finally back at the top! 

Star Guardian jinx
Jinx is back in action. | © Riot Games

With Patch 14.7 the meta has shifted once again. Especially bot lane was heavily impacted by all the changes towards damage and support items. While ability casting ADC's used to be very strong, Crit ADC's have risen to the top of the charts once again

In the statistics we can see that Jinx and Twitch reign supreme as the best ADC's in the current patch. 

The next best ADC is Nilah, but she had a very specific play style that allows her to be either very strong or useless.

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Why Is Crit So Good Now?

Pickpocket twitch
Sneaking back into meta. | © Riot Games

In Patch 14.6 Riot decided to buff Crit Items a bit after the Crit ADC's have been lacking. 

These changes affected Infinity Edge, Navori Quickblades as well as the Last Whisper items.

These changes are absolutely huge for crit based marksmen, as they can finally rise above their caster ADC counterparts. 

Most of the decent marksmen this patch are crit users such as Jinx, Twitch and Vayne with caster adcs following up short behind.

Even Lucian and Sivir have made it back into the meta. Unfortunately, these buffs didn't help ADC's like Ezreal and Kai'Sa, but honestly we have seen enough of them anyway. 

Withered Rose Zeri
We might even see some more Zeri. | © Riot Games

With Patch 14.7 Riot tried to soften the power spikes a little bit by making Stattik Shiv 200 gold more expensive, but that did very little to actually stop the win rates. Jinx and Twitch are incredible characters that fit into the meta perfectly. 

These characters are fun to watch in pro play and work great in Solo Queue Ranked. Since MSI is happening soon, it might be one of the reasons why Riot wants to push this team fight carries back to the top.

It's going to be interesting how Riot handles the appearance of mages in the bot lane. The removal of the resistance shards in runes was one of the reactions to the growing popularity of Seraphine and Ziggs. Seraphine has since been getting a few changes, but Ziggs and Veigar are still fantastic bot laners that could be an issue for immobile champions like Jinx and Twitch.

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