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LoL: VGU For Arcane Champions in 2024

News 08-01-2024 16:52

Get ready for an Arcane-inspired transformation! In 2024, a champion from the hit series Arcane is set to receive a key Visual and Gameplay Update.

Rocket Scene Arcane
LoL: Upcoming VGU for an Arcane champion. | © Riot Games

The Arcane magic is spreading far and wide! With the success of the first season enchanting audiences worldwide, Riot is weaving a unified canon across all their games and media forms. Brace yourselves, because some older champions are set to get a brand-new look, inspired by the captivating world of Piltover and Zaun.

And here's the kicker – one of the champions from Arcane is in line for a Visual and Gameplay Update (VGU). The catch? Riot's keeping it mysterious for now, leaving us in suspense about which champion will be the lucky recipient of this epic transformation.

LoL: Huge Update For Arcane Champion in 2024

Piltover Heimerdinger
Le Donger up for a new VGU? | © Riot Games

The VGU excitement continues! Shyvana is in the spotlight for a Visual and Gameplay Update in 2025, and after the recent Skarner update, it seems like another champion is next in line for a makeover. Considering the rich pool of champions featured in Arcane, there's no shortage of possibilities.

While Ekko might seem unlikely due to his more modern kit, there are indeed a few older champions that could be in need of a VGU. Caitlyn already received an Art and Sound Update (ASU) with the Arcane release, leaving room for speculation about other champions. One contender that comes to mind is Vi, though her kit is still holding up in 2024. Perhaps a visual update might be in the cards for her?

Singed Poison
Stop laughing at me when you flip me... | © Riot Games

Heimerdinger and Singed could indeed be strong candidates for a VGU, too. Heimerdinger, in particular, might benefit from not just a visual overhaul but also some lore love to give him a more engaging story. As for Singed, being the OG of League, a modernized look and feel could do wonders for the Poisoner.

And you're spot on about Jinx – her kit is a blast to play, and she's already a fan favorite. Rather than a full VGU, an Art and Sound Update (ASU) could be in the cards to freshen up her visuals and model. Riot's got a knack for surprises, so let's keep our eyes peeled for any announcements.

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