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LoL: Revamped Champion Mastery System for Season 14

News 08-01-2024 16:20

Get ready to feel like a true master, summoners! Riot's heard our cries, and they're giving the League of Legends Champion Mastery a much-needed glow-up in 2024. Say goodbye to the days where mastery didn't quite feel masterful – big changes are on the horizon!

Spirit Blossom Aphelios
LoL: Champion Mastery revamp is needed. | © Riot Games

Mastering a champ hasn't exactly felt like a victory lap lately. That Mastery sign? Yeah, it's mostly just a tool for tilting your opponents after a sweet solo kill. Other than that? Not much going on. Plus, let's be real – everyone and their grandma has champions at Mastery level 7 by now.

But fear not! Riot's heard our pleas and is rolling out the red carpet for a Champion Mastery makeover in 2024. Get ready for some serious rewards that actually reflect the time and effort you've poured into your favorite champs.

LoL: Revamp For Champion Mastery Revealed

Hitting level 7 in Champion Mastery and feeling a bit meh afterward? You're not alone. Once you're there, it's just about racking up points for that shiny number under your icon. Not the most thrilling endgame, right?

Well, good news! Riot's stepping in to inject some life back into the Mastery system. They're on a mission to make it more meaningful, and to do that, they're throwing out some guiding principles:

  • Mastery is for everyone, no matter your mode or rank.
  • It's about real accomplishment, not just the grind.
  • We're all on the pursuit of greater mastery, and the system should mirror that journey.

Revised Levelling For Mastery Systems

New Mastery System Lo L
A Small glimpse of the new Mastery Crests. | © Riot Games

Tokens are still the name of the game, just like before, but here's the game-changer: no more level cap for Mastery. Yep, you heard it right – infinite leveling up is the new black.

Here's the lowdown: Keep doing your thing, play your champion like a pro, and earn that sweet mastery score (with extra points for those higher grades, of course). But wait, there's more! Introducing Marks of Mastery – a shiny new reward track for each champ that resets every split.

So, how do you level up? Simple. Rack up enough mastery score (showing off your experience) and collect those Marks of Mastery (prove your champion greatness).

Mastery LevelMarks Needed
5-91 per level

2 per level

Welcome to the world of crests – the new badges of honor inspired by the daunting Mount Targon. Just like climbing that mountain ain't a walk in the park, mastering a champion in League is no cakewalk either. As you soar to the peak, reaching Level 10 and beyond, there's an infinite scaling representation waiting for you. Yep, no more limits, just like conquering Mount Targon.

Split Mastery Soon In League of Legends

Spirit blossom soraka
Show what you got with Split Mastery. | © Riot Games

It's not just about your overall mastery across your gaming lifetime – now, every split comes with its own set of additional mastery rewards. Show off your skills in specific metas of League of Legends and spice things up.

"[...] an infinite system can sometimes feel like a grind, so we wanted to create something that celebrates shorter-term achievements—something that lets you prove your mastery over a champion in a particular season or split."

Say goodbye to the randomness, because the team's got a whole new playbook! Introducing the Split Mastery reward track – a less random, more intentional way to snag those rewards. No more crossing your fingers for Hextech Chests or hoping for the best.

  • Every split, each champion is getting a 4-milestone reward track.
  • To conquer each milestone on the journey, you've got to hit the rift and earn some seriously impressive mastery grades – You'll need one more high grades to complete each milestone.
  • By completing milestones, you'll receive Marks of Mastery and other rewards
    • Completing 4 milestones leads to a more-difficult repeating milestone waiting for you one-tricks to get conquered.
  • Achieveing all 4 milestones will grant you the champion's title (such as Aphelios' title "The Weapon of the Faithful") for use as the remainder of the split!
Seasonal MilestoneGrades NeededRewards 
11x B Grade, 4x D- and up1x Mark of MasteryHextech Chest (up to 6 available per split)
21x A Grade, 4x D- and up1x Mark of Mastery
31x S Grade, 4x D- and up2x Marks of MasteryHextech Chest (unlimited)
41x S Grade, 4x D- and up2x Marks of MasteryChampion Title unlocks until next split
53x S Grades, 7x D- and up1x Mark of Mastery

Mastery Sets

Spirit Blossom Kindred
Unlock all the Mastery Sets for your champions. | © Riot Games

Riot's not just stopping at Mastery Tokens and emblems. At the end of each season, you'll get a front-row seat to your own highlight reel – the Mastery Set. It's the ultimate reward for the champs who rock a variety of characters and rock them well. So, if you're the kind of player who thrives on diversity and dominates with multiple champs, this one's for you. Your best and favorite champions get their moment in the spotlight.

"Each set will consist of a list of champions, that are a combination of your favorites and ones we think you might like, as well as a few curated by us. Completing milestones on any of the champions in the set’s reward tracks will contribute progress toward rewards from the set."

No worries, champs! Your current Champion Mastery isn't going into the (Howling) abyss. Riot's got your back – they're transferring all those hard-earned points into the shiny new system. So, if you've been perfecting your skills on a particular champion, all those points and achievements won't be lost in translation. Your dedication is about to get a fresh new spotlight in the upgraded system.

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